I can't believe you are already 7 years old.
You are the most beautiful and smart little
girl in the whole world!

Nadia is in first grade. She loves to learn.
She loves lunch and dislikes
recess... Hmmm, just like her mom.

When Nadia wanted to go swimming but couldn't
find her swimming suit, she made her own.
( Yes, that is a Dillards bag... No, I didn't let her wear it.)

Nadia is a natural in ballet. She was born to
to be a dancer.

Nadia has a style all her own,
I have a feeling she will grow up to be a designer
of some sort... Either an architect, clothing designer
or interior designer. She can build a building
out of anything. She can also make clothes out of
anything. She does... everyday.

She is the only person I know that can move
her eyes in different directions. It is pretty
funny... and gross. I find myself telling her
that her eyes will stick that way if she does
it all the time. That's probably a lie, but
it strains my eyes just watching her!

Nadia, You are the most precious, sweet,
talented girl on the planet! I love you
so much!!!!!!!

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