The Things That I Love That You Should Love Too

 If you know me, you know I insist that my family, friends, neighbors, strangers and the like, enjoying the same things I enjoy. While some may call this egocentric or narcissistic, I simply call it sharing wonderful things amongst wonderful people. Today I want to make a small sample list of (mostly) intangible things that I like, that i will all but insist you like too.

- The way blankets feel when they've just come out of the dryer
- Dry, sarcastic humour
- Black and white photographs
- Being far enough from city lights that you can see the stars
- Hearing the right words at the right moment
- Making someone smile
- Having a baby fall asleep on my chest
- Lightning storms
- Clean socks
- Waking up to a blizzard
- Sitting next to someone whose shoulder you can lean your head on
- Sitting in a movie theatre. There is a bit of nostalgia there
- Receiving a letter in the mail
- This picture

- Genuine compliments
- Music that brings emotions to the surface
- Red telephone booths
-Soft feet
- Modern day musicals
- Licking batter off a whisk
- The ability to think of the things that make you happy, when you need to feel happy


Tomorrows Church Dress

Today I Want To Live Here

In A Spartan Trailer.

What do you get when you mix 1955 with Ann Sacks, Miele, 
Blackman Cruz, Hansgrohe and designer  Jane Hallworth?

This Beauty.

  I Think it would be so great if Tom and I loaded up all the kids and drove across
country for the summer. I think these travel accommodations will suit us just fine. 

Pictures via


I Will Do Anything For Love But I Wont Do That

For the last year, "grey mauve" has been trying very hard to make a comeback. It has been seen with yellow, brown, green, black, grey and now the latest, this turquoise.  I finally understand why my mom swore she would never do avocado green and mustard yellow. Again. As long as she lived.

These pictures have been floating around design blogs for the past few weeks. Either I am losing my eye sight or everyone else is crazy... THIS DOES NOT LOOK GOOD!

 This looks like one of TLC's "Trading Spaces" rooms.

 I do love these walls. 
But unfortunately these furnishings are not part of the "before Pic".

I guess they figured, if they are going to keep the nineteen ninety carpet, 
they may as well keep the furniture.

 Fans of this comeback refer to this color as "grey mauve" I call it what it is, early nineties dusty rose.  Call it what you will, just please don't call it back.  I remember when I was in elementary school, we had just moved and my mom hired an interior designer to take care of our new home. Her name was Cherry, and she was straight up one of the tackiest people I had ever met.  She filled every corner of our house with dusty rose. I tried to tell my mom her designer must be drunk, but she didn't listen. Even our dishes had little dusty rose flowers on them.  I can't look at that color without wanting to regurgitate a little. 

And while I not only appreciate, but encourage fashion forward design, I can not and will not get on board with this trend. So people of the design world, please try to remember...  it didn't look good then, and it certainly doesn't look good now.



    If freckles were lovely, and day was night,
    And measles were nice and a lie warn't a lie,
    Life would be delight,--
    But things couldn't go right
    For in such a sad plight
    I wouldn't be I.

    If earth was heaven and now was hence,
    And past was present, and false was true,
    There might be some sense
    But I'd be in suspense
    For on such a pretense
    You wouldn't be you.
    If fear was plucky, and globes were square,
    And dirt was cleanly and tears were glee
    Things would seem fair,--
    Yet they'd all despair,
    For if here was there
    We wouldn't be we.
    e.e. cummings


 How Can You Not Love Children?

 All of these via this awesome website

Dear Style, I'm Going To Miss You

There is just something so sexy about a woman wearing mens style clothing. There is a confidence about it, to know that yes, indeed you may have a rockin bod, you don't always need to show it off. I think that is the most sexy kind of beautiful. This was my favorite look of the fall/winter season.UK designer Paul Smith totally nailed it this year...As he always does.

Sadly, we are now moving toward the spring/summer months where fashion can very easily take a nose dive into the people of Wal Mart world. So Say goodbye to classic, tasteful style and say hello to:

Our First Park Day of the Year

Tom and I always enjoy taking the kids to the park. Tom loves to run around with them and be a little kid himself... (Which is adorable) I love to take them so I can sit on the sidelines and read. Garrett loves to skateboard at the nearby jr high and the little ones love to get outside and play. Everyone wins!

(Nadia was off spending quality time with grandma, so we missed her.)



I have a teenage son. He loves to skateboard. His favorite past time would be going to all the skate parks in Utah and testing them out. He has two best friends that join him on all these little adventures. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I have been designated as the driver/chaperon  for all of their little exploits. Which is fine, I believe in supporting my kids (and their friends) in whatever it is they want to do. 

A few days ago while driving thirty minutes away to try out a new place, I casually mentioned to the boys that I should take them to Southern California to check out some real skate parks. Did I think they would take me seriously? Perhaps. But, did I really have any intention of going? Sure, maybe someday... So what am I doing right now? I am packing. We are leaving out bright and early tomorrow to catch a flight to Long Beach.

Normally I would be thrilled to be going on a last minute perilous venture. I live for this sort of thing... Or I should say, I lived for this sort of thing. I can't decide if I am just getting old and responsible?  No, that can't be it... I still jump on beds and laugh at people. So what is it? Why am I lacking in the spontaneity department? Looking back, it has been a while since I have caught a plane with no destination in mind. Am I becoming boring?... I always knew it would happen eventually. I just hoped it would be once I was dead.


 For My Sweet Friend

I know my last post was sad and depressing. In fact, so sad and depressing, it probably made you concerned for my safety. It is true... I was sad and depressed. I guess it was just one of those days.The good news is I am all better and happy once again! Thank you for being concerned. This funny picture is for you.

But first,
When you see me crying...

Would you  just say

And if  I don't listen, just tell me to

 And now the funny pic you've been waiting for...



Nothing Tastes Worse Than Split Pea Soup


When I was about seven years old, my mom made split pea soup for dinner.  I would not eat it. I wouldn't even taste it. I sat at that dinner table for hours, not being allowed to leave until I at least sampled it.  When I finally fell asleep with my forehead flat on the table, my dad carried me off to bed. I suspect I had nightmares all night about that soup, because to this day, I  have hard feelings toward,  no stomach for, and certainly no taste for, this loathsome soup. 

And although I still have never tasted it,  I'm okay with that. 
Because I don't think anything good comes when you split peas up.


Everything About This Makes Me Smile

Tomorrow's Church Dress

Too Much?
  Too Little?

 My Birthday Week was Lovely, Thanks


 The Space I Always Wanted to Happen Upon
in the City I want to Happen Upon It In.

Clinton Hills neighborhood to be precise.

I have this fantasy about a vestibule. This one is perfect.

This staircase deserves two shots.

Decorating this space would be a dream come true for me.

I can't tell if those tiles are a carrara penny or a field penny. 
Either way, I'm in love.

AND it's all inside this staggering brownstone.

Although I do wish behind that wrought iron gate was a garden. STILL...
To say that my heart isn't beating faster and my chops aren't watering,
would be a lie I couldn't forgive myself for.