What can I say other than Garrett keeps getting cooler and cooler. What can't he do? Nothing. He is a 4.0 honor roll student every quarter in school. He just gave a amazing talk in sacrament meeting. (He knocked everyone's socks off) He has an artistic ability like you wouldn't believe and now has a huge following on Youtube for his skate videos and graffiti. I love this boy. I love. love. love. him. I love him for all of the stuff I just mentioned, but I love him most of all because he has a heart of gold. 

For his birthday party, he took his two best friends to the Park City Skate Park. In his words,
"That place is heaven."


Oh Rivers, everything you say is just perfect.

"I had rock-star dreams from 8 or 9 almost nonstop. I thought it was going to be like being a God on earth: having as many women as you want whenever you want them, having super powers, being incredibly wealthy, never doing laundry. Instead I found myself in the dead of winter in Boston with a long beard, no friends and a bum leg. It was pretty disillusioning..."

                                                                  -Rivers Cuomo


This is the skateboard Garrett has requested for his birthday. I think it is very clever. Have I mentioned what an awesome skateboarder he has become? Tom has built a skate park in our basement, (let's hear it for my insistence on high ceilings) which I was all for... until every boy within a fifteen mile radius found out about it, and now there is no peace at our house. Boys are there from nine  AM til midnight. (I complain, but you know I love a house full of kids.) So let the summer games begin. Smelly, sweaty boys that are going through a case of Gatorade a day, little princesses running around changing outfits twelve times a day... The grocery bill has tripled... (I think... ask Tom, he does the grocery shopping) The laundry has quadrupled and I am in heaven. Oh how I have missed no school... Now I just need to get rid of this bloody sun and get some rain going and I'd be as my sister said yesterday, "As happy as tic in a trailer park" 

I'm not sure why a tic would be happy there, but that's for another time.


You know...

Love this. I am not sure of the artist... Perhaps you may have seen this and you know.
If so... do tell.