My apologies for being a less than active blogger lately. I've been off my game for a bit but will be back in action very soon. 

I love you and I will love you forever. 


I may be the last person on earth to discover
 Single Dad Laughing...

It's a blog in which a single dad, Dan writes in. Obviously, from the title he is a single dad and basically just writes on being a parent. He has funny stories, thoughtful stories, he has heart warming stories as well as heart wrenching stories. His entire blog is just all around a very good read. This particular post really made me think. Its called "You just broke your child, congratulations". He talks about how parents hold the key to their children's self esteem and self image. Hmm, I think this guy may be onto something. Read it, it may inspire you to try to be an even better parent. 

Happy Sunday  



If you know me, You know my thoughts on cats... But you also know my thoughts on how precious mommy and baby mammals are. This is the most tender thing I have seen. I love it. Totally love it. Moms are so loving and protective of their babies... No matter what.



If you have ever read my blog, or spoken to me before, you know I have been having an on going love affair with the Lebanese designer Elie Saab. She just had her spring 2012 fashion show and of course, it was love at first sight.

And if for once my Oscar invite doesn't get lost in the mail, I will be donning this little number on the red carpet.


I am Starting my Christmas List

Jewelry from Lauren Haupt


In The Truest Form.

One of the most beautiful poems ever written.


Ignorance... It's not bliss.
It's just ignorance

Side note:
I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
 I am a Mormon. And I am also a Christian.
Jesus Christ is my Savior and my Redeemer.
This pastor is an idiot.
Favorite super easy do it yourself costume. You could pull this baby together in an hour. Original and sweet. 

"Hoo" knew an owl could be so cute!
(Points for cheese?)

pic via pinterest
My Little Tuesday

Poor Baby didn't do anything to deserve that painful outfit her mother made her wear... She does look so precious though, doesn't she?

When selecting Ruby's blessing dress, my sister was clearly inspired by Chanel's winter line.

(Ruby's outfit designed and constructed by my amazing mother. However, I am not sure who engineered it.)


Ever Wonder What Your Kids Do While You Sleep?

If they are anything like mine, they borrow your camera and take three hundred pictures of themselves.
I can't help but laugh everytime I download pictures and find stuff like this.
It's those little things...

The Boys in NYC

It's been a while...

 The officer who made Garrett promise he wouldn't skate on The Supreme Courthouse steps anymore, the one who made Liam promise to stop jumping off of everything and the one who made me promise not to encourage it.

 This is the best place in all of Manhattan to get breakfast. C'est Bon Cafe. It's in Midtown, 57th Street and just off Park Avenue. Si délicieux!

 I had so much fun with my boys. Although we mostly did "boy" things, I did get some boutique shopping in. Since this was Liam's first time there, we took him sight seeing between hitting all the skate spots for Garrett.  Liam was so tired, everytime we got on the train he konked out. He had even the hardest of New Yorkers laughing.

 OH! And I even got the boys to appreciate cool architecture!
(This being their favorite.)

 I am so, so happy when I an there. Nothing speaks to me more.


Do you love these?

What are your thoughts on this Boho Chic bedroom? I dig the wallpaper wall... I am just not sure whether I would tire of it too quickly. Maybe I will just appreciate it from afar.

Also, Are these not theee most stunning sandals/boots?

I will take these in every color, please.