And then I got to thinking...

I write a little bit each week, I mostly do it because writing my thoughts down is the best kind of therapy for my soul. Most of what I write, I never post because it is either too obstinate, too raw or worse yet, too sentimental. This is my blog though, my own little macrocosm. I get to say what ever I want. Give my opinion on whatever comes to mind. Speak on what ever fluky or inadvertent topic I would like. I don't usually have anything too profound to say, but, I do enjoy saying it nonetheless.

Today I have been at my mom's for what seems like eternity waiting to go out for a night on the town with her and my two sisters, of course we were suppose to leave an hour ago. My one sister hasn't even showered yet and my other sister? She will show up eventually. (Tom refers to this as Valerga time...) I love spending time with the girls. We are all a bit crazy and our time together is precious. So while I wait I write.

I have nothing of importance to write about today. I have been listening to Bob Dylan a lot lately and I just have to say how wonderful he is. He is brilliant and I think he and I are soul mates. Not the marrying kind, of course, I am already married, sorry Bob. The thinking alike kind. He has always been my favorite ever since I was about four years old. Perhaps because he reminds me so much of my dad. (They are truly soul mates.) When I was little we would drive to San Fransisco, my dad's hometown, and would listen to The Eagles... Who I absolutely still adore (heart songs, everyone of them), The Doors and Bob Dylan. Others as well but those are the ones that stuck with me. What a hip dad, I know. I think I got most of my thinking from my dad. He is the one that got me addicted to architecture and interior design. No, he is a lawyer but he has an appreciation for the finer, more exciting interests. When I was little we would go for Sunday drives and my dad would take us into neighborhoods just to point out what was wrong with them. Tom says it is my dad's fault I am such a house/ neighborhood snob. Funny, every time my dad gets mad at me and tells me I am killing Tom because I insist on living in nice homes it never, until just now, occurred to me that it is my dad's own doing. All the "Kids, you never want to live in this kind of neighborhood or have neighbors like these..." must have really sunk in, (see dad, I did listen to you after all.) Hmm. Good one.

So this post started out about Bob Dylan, actually, it started out about my sisters and mom. Wait, no... it started out about how I really don't have much to say and then went from the girls to Bob to now, my dad. So I will finish it with my dad. Thank you dad, for introducing me to the best kind of music in the world. I remember you explaining in detail the concerts of The Eagles, Bob and The doors while we would listen to them. It may be because of you that I love music so much. Also, thanks for taking me to every Parade of Homes from when I was ten years old to now. Thank you for training me on what homes are socially acceptable... And most of all, thanks for that time you came to my high school when I was a senior to meet with me and my counselor. I am sorry I was so loutish and I didn't appreciate the time you took to try and help me straighten out my behavior and graduate on time. And for every other reason I can not name, you are a great dad. I love you.


House Update

We are framing. My crew is very good. Very meticulous
and quite a talented group. I must compliment myself on a job well hired.

This is the actual opening of my front door. Isn't it smashing?

I would start by saying Liam broke his leg last week, but that would be giving false information. Brandon broke Liam's leg last week. There. Much more accurate. It all started with my mom insisting that my dad install a commercial grade playground in their backyard and because that simply was not enough, they had to put in a trampoline. I don't have a problem with playing on things, I am not one of those moms. You are talking to, or reading from... a woman who turns tricks on snowboards, lands crazy jumps and has plummeted herself out of an airplane, Alone. No tandem sissy business. And, would feed alligators... if I could. Point made? Marvelous. So, as I was saying, I don't mind letting kids do their thing, In fact I encourage scrapes and bumps. Can I just say though, I hate tramps. (Both kinds.)

Brandon is probably the best uncle in the world. (He feels terrible, btw) He was just out there jumping with Liam and Vivian (very innocently, I am sure...) when snap, there goes little Li's leg. Tibia Fracture. No good. So now, as if I am not overwhelmed enough, I have a sad little boy who can not walk on his leg for six, that's six... weeks. He is such a sweet little patient though. He never complains or even gets discouraged. He always has a smile on his sweet little face. I carry him everywhere. Would it be the most horrible thing in the world to say that I enjoy when my kids are hurt or sick because it is the only time they cuddle with me? I know... so selfish. Liam doesn't have a choice. Now I get to hold him whenever I want and there is nothing he can do about it. Well, at least not for six weeks.

Don't let the smile fool you. He is drugged.

Brandon appropriately signed the cast "Brandon the Breaker".
Liam thinks it to be the funniest thing in the world.

If you look, you can see where all three of The X96 Radio
from Hell DJ's signed. They love Liam.


People have been asking where my NOLA pics are. They are below my Big Easy post. You have to scroll down the page.


One Big Ass Mistake America

So Tom and I were driving down the road today. It was a pleasant day with not much going on. We had just eaten at a yummy BBQ place on University Ave when we saw this huge jacked up truck with this saying as big as it could possibly be on the back window. So big, in fact, I don't know how this redneck could even see out of it. Probably didn't matter to him. As long as he let us all know how he felt. Seriously? Am I really subject to live a place where people are that lame?

I just want to say to you, guy in the way to big White Ford Truck...
Get over it, you lost. If you even know what you are talking about, you would know that Obama's presidency is exactly what makes this country of ours democratic: the system of checks and balances. So yes, you simple man, you have the right to call our current president names. You can even advertise your infantile opinions on your vehicle, just don't put it in my face.

The only shocker to this tale, it didn't take place in a Wal-Mart parking lot.


From The Big Apple to The Big Easy

Where to start? I have so much to say, so much to cover. I will begin with the motivation of this trip. It was the BYU game. They were playing Tulane at the Superdome in New Orleans and I've never been to The Jazz Capital of the World... The Crescent City... The Big Easy... so why not? Also, this trip would put me in New York City on 9.11 and that was something I could not pass up. Tom and I were accompanied by my mom, dad and my two sweet brothers... All obsessed with BYU.

To say we had fun would be putting it lightly, We always have fun... but this one will go down in the books.

I just loved the city of New Orleans. I loved everything about it. The locals were genuine and so hospitable, I got to meet the most beautiful people. I was truly swept away by the breath taking scenery. The French Quarter put me in Architectural nirvana and riding the old rickety wood trolley to The Garden District stole my heart. The weather? Forget about it! Humid and moist and delicious. My skin finally found utopia. It rained the entire time, But we just danced in it. I was drenched from head to toe, I didn't mind one little bit, why bother with hair and make up anyway? So what did we do? Upon arrival, we asked about Bourbon Street. The locals told us the party started every night around midnight, so we put that on the to do list and headed for the swamp. We took a tour bus to some crazy swampy area where we waited for our swamp captain's arrival. While waiting we got to listen to some swamp music and enjoy some swamp snacks. What an adventure the swamp brought us. We were hoping to spot maybe one or two alligators but instead we saw dozens. Dozens! The captain was feeding them marshmallows and they loved it. I asked if I could kneel down by the water and feed some but he told me they could bite my hand off. I explained that I wasn't scared. Who wouldn't want to tell the tale of a missing limb due to a gator mishap? He was a great captain with all kinds of stories. He snuck up behind me with a baby alligator and put him right by my neck. (A little swamp humor, I suppose...) I was so happy to hold and love little baby Elvis. I didn't want to give him back. Oh yeah, I can't believe that I forgot to mention that we almost lost our lives while on the swamp. Our Swamp captain, whom we assume was drunk, was going full speed ahead when we nicked a concrete poll and were almost thrown into the Alligator infested waters. But we made it out alive, thank the sweet heavens above.

The Superdome was also quite a spectacle. I am not a huge sports fan. But growing up I always attended BYU games with my family. I loved just being at the games, and as my dad would say, "soaking up the ambiance". Everyone so excited, uniting, no matter their destiny to ally together and cheer for the same team. That is what I am a fan of. Of course, it would be the same way in this case. So I was excited to be a part of that. But as we all filed in the building I was imagining something much different. I was picturing the thirty thousand people that were seeking shelter as a last resort, forced to be here under excruciating circumstances. The stories that I had been listening to the locals tell as I would ask them how they were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Their stories were some I would never forget. One guy pointed out the water lines on all the buildings as we passed by them. The devastation was unbelievably real and still very apparent, but the people's spirits were high and I loved that.

We got to see Jackson Square, you know the song by Mason Jennings. Brody played it for us as we walked through. The Mississippi was huge and cool to finally see. Bourbon Street was an absolute party. I didn't realize they celebrate Mardi Gras every weekend there. I even got some beads, I won't say how... Ok, I picked them up off the ground. We did some shopping. I bought a Brad Pitt forMayor t shirt. I will wear it proudly (He is a town hero because of his generosity to the Ninth Ward re buildings). The food? Wow. I know it is back to the gym for this girl. I couldn't say no to any of the restaurants and their delicious offerings. And Of course, While in New York we had to get our dose of Double D's. I wasn't sure if my clothes would fit when I got home. (Attractive? I am sure...)

I loved this trip. I loved being with my family and seeing that beautiful city. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention BYU stomped all over Tulane. But all the fans were gracious and actually congratulated us on our victory. I won't forget you NOLA. You were amazing.


One of my favorite quotes
By Lyndsey ercanbrack

Suppose we took a thousand negatives and made a gigantic montage: a myriad-faceted picture containing the elegances, the squalor, the curiosities, the monuments, the sad faces, the triumphant faces, the power, the irony, the strength, the decay, the past, the present, the future of a city – that would be my favorite picture.

Berenice Abbott


By Lyndsey Ercanbrack

You are the greatest, most wise and most amazing dad in the whole world! I love you!
Yesterday Liam was giving me a list of things he wanted me to buy for him. My kids are all huge fans of lists... Hmm, I wonder where they get that from? So, as he was going down his list of goodies... "and ice cream and a soccer ball, and an Ipod touch, and a new Wii game and oh yeah, I need you to buy me some batteries for my winkie."

I am sure you can guess what his winkie is. (Winkie, boy. Winka, girl.) He is four years old and oh so proud of his winkie. It is his prize possession, and I am sure his best asset as far as he is concerned. He is also full blown involved with potty humor. Normally I don't promote this type of drollery, I can't stand it actually, but since Liam is probably the funniest, most adorable and I have to add, stylish little love I can't help but laugh every time he comes up with these gross little antidotes.

Just thought I would share...
Movie, Anyone?
By Lyndsey Ercanbrack

I have been in cinema heaven lately. I love a good movie more than anything else. There is something to be said about leaving your own life at the door to steel away to another place and time. Here are two that I felt have just swept me away.

The first movie I would like to shine my little spot light on is Sunshine Cleaning. Do not be fooled by this title, there is nothing "sunny" about it. Dark clouds definitely roll through this humanistic, sincere film. It is a well written, well acted movie with an optimistic message. Props to Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. I love them both. And of course, it doesn't get better than Alan Arkin. He was as good in this one as he was in Little Miss Sunshine.

The next movie I would like, no love, to recommend is Inglorious Basterds. There's so much I love about this one, so much that I want to say and discuss but I will restrain myself. Save it for later, so as not to ruin any surprises. It's amazing from beginning to end, and I can't wait to see it again and again. This movie once again proves that while filmmakers will always try to make their films "Tarantino-like", nobody makes movies like Tarantino. Like Kill Bill, it’s a well-wrapped goody, with new delights at each scene. A few puzzles, some of which aren’t answered but are designed to make you think. Yes, it was gory, but if you don't like that, ( I don't) just look away( I did). I will end this post by saying this movie was glorious, indeed.

I loved, loved, loved these movies.


Slow and Steady wins the race?

I guess we will see

This has been a long time coming. When we were finally ready to begin this love child of ours, we ran into a small... large actually... snag. The architect and myself overlooked the building envelope and designed a house that was much to big for the lot. Lucky for everyone involved, I love designing homes more than anything else, so I went back to the drawing board and redesigned the floor plan to fit the lot. Unfortunately for everyone involved, I had to take my sweet time. These matters can not be rushed. So to make a short story long, We had to wait another couple months, but no worry, we are now ready to start.

Yay for the hole and the foundation. The lot took a lot of preparation. It took one week and six thousand dollars just to remove all the dirt. Every time we build a house we swear we will pick out a flat lot, NEVER happens. Flat lots are so dull.