Tomorrow's Church Dress

Giorgio Armani Prive 
 Runway - PFW Haute Couture  2011


The Jersey Shore

We played on Long Beach Island, New Jersey and New York City.


 Long Beach Island is always so beautiful. Their season hasn't quite hit, so it was sleepy...
Just perfect for an architectural tour on bikes.

However, it doesn't quite hit the spot like the city does.

Proud Mom Moment:
A Little Something Garrett Put Together

I'm Thinking This One

Max Azria of BCBG has taken over the house of Herve Leger, famous for skin-tight bandage dresses.I don't love the skin tight dresses, but I must admit I absolutely am in love with this swimsuit. I am considering it. However, before I even think about sporting this beatuy, I am going to need to spend some time toning things up. This spare and somewhat bare design will look great on any body-conscious individual and anyone else who is genetically, very fortunate.

But, even if I did have the body...
I would still have to come up with the $1080.00 to pay for it.
Do Places Like This Really Exist?


I Am Finally Getting the Heck Outta Dodge
By Lyndsey Ercanbrack 
And I can't wait to get there!


(And I will be there in less than 5 hours!)

An Ercanbrack Shibboleth

I Don't Know Where This Is...

(But I bet my Knitting 2x4's it's somewhere in Europe.)

 In Case You Need a Smile
By Lyndsey Ercanbrack


Tomorrow's Church Dress
Easter Edition


I need to sleep.

 The Cups I Will Be Purchasing
Just as soon as I have the money to purchase them:

Ceramic Crinkle Cups By Rob Brandt
Coming To Theatres (not) Everywhere

I will start this post by mentioning the movie Win Win. Tom and I saw it a couple of days ago in Salt Lake and we absolutely loved it. Besides the fact that it came in at ninety five percent on the Tomato Meter,  we were excited about this film because we love Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan.  Needless to say, they did not disappoint! This offbeat gem of a movie was perfectly written, perfect cast and  perfectly natural in every way.

Giamatti plays Mike Flaherty, a small time, down on his luck lawyer who moonlights as a high school wrestling coach. Ryan plays his wife Jackie, who is a loving and protective mother. (You could consider this role the polar opposite of the one she plays in Gone Baby Gone... also one of my favorites)  They are the sweet parents of two little girls and they live an traditionally average life.

Enter Kyle (Alex Shaffer), a teenage delinquent that through a series of (dishonest) choices made by Mike, ends up living with the Flaherty's. We quickly find out that although he is quite mislead, thanks to his wretched "druggie" of a mother, he has one goal in mind... to be loved. He brings an excitement and an edge to not only The Flaherty's, but to the whole high school wrestling team.

My favorite part of this movie, besides Amy Ryan? Mike's two assistant coaches and best friends played by Bobby Cannavale and Jeffery Tambor (Arrested Development). These fantastic and fully developed characters will have you laughing at every line. What can I say? I loved this movie! The way it unravels is smart, witty and full of heart. Every character adds more dimension to this already brilliant story.  I would confidently and safely recommend this to everyone.

A Win Win kind of film, indeed.

 If you would like to see this Sundance Film Festival Winner and you 
live in Utah, it is playing at The Broadway Theatre in Salt Lake.

I am patiently awaiting these:

I know, it's HBO and I since we don't have that channel, 
I may be waiting forever. However, it looks great. Have 
I mentioned how I adore Kate Winslet?


Our Anniversary

Tomorrow Tom and I will celebrate the end of another beautiful year together. Tonight I am feeling sentimental as I reflect on our years spent. They have been full of promise and brightness, they have been understanding, supportive and gratifying.  Most importantly, they have been filled with an unconditional love for one another.

I love you, Tom. You are everything to me.
The Single Most Boring Post to Ever Grace a Blog.

(Appropriately named after I wrote the post.)

 Image via here

I don't love fruit. I just never have... Apart from grapefruit which I totally love. Almost every day I wake up about 4:00 a.m. and eat a huge bowl of grapefruit, then fall back to sleep with a full, happy belly... And to be fair, I should also mention my love for peaches in the summer. Oh, and there is nothing more tantalizing than strawberries... unless of course you cover them in chocolate. And enjoying watermelon with your family on a camping trip is also heavenly... I prefer the part right before the rind...crisp, firm and delish! And don't get me started on mangos... Sitting down to a dewy mango can be considered paradisaical. And, if we're counting the tomato as a fruit then I have to claim those as my favorite. Nothing. Nothing beats a room temperature, dark red, succulent tomato. I won't count apples in this list, because who doesn't love apples? Everyone does... They're considered  a staple and should go without say. Of course I am referring to the Fugi apple. The only apple. And, I would be amiss if I didn't mention raspberries. I can eat those by the flat... (And I usually do.) I  feel like I am leaving something out...Blueberries! Yum!!! I prefer nothing more than those in my pancakes. And my muffins. And  my bread. And plain, of course...
So since I am not much of a fruit consumptionist (don't google that word), I needed to come up with a way to eat what is an acceptable amount in the food pyramid. My solution? Fruit leather. I thought even the children would love this. Although they consume plenty of fruit, due to their all fruit and not so green smoothies in the morning, I can't think of a better, healthier snack for them.
Notwithstanding the fact that I can't cook, bake, toss, boil, blanch, or any other adjective you would use in describing the preparation of  food items, I do know my way around a food dehydrator. (I used to deal in large amounts of beef jerky as a youth... Thank you dad, for supporting me in that endeavor.) So I thought I would give the production of  fruit leather a go. With the use of a Vita mix, you don't need to steam or heat anything up. You can put the fruit, skin and all, right in the blender and puree it in about twenty seconds.  Although I wasted a lot of fruit and a lot of time the first couple of days, I am super happy to report that after my third attempt, my fruit leather has turned out! (Forgive my boasting)   I can't believe it! I really can't! It isn't only bearable, it's crave worthy. So line up friends and family. You'll all get a taste.
My first try: I used strawberries and a touch of yogurt. I didn't use the dehydrator, instead I filled three cookie sheets and put them in the oven and left the door open... as per interweb instuctions. It burnt, stuck to the pans and  I wasted half a  flat of strawberries.
My second attempt: I used Strawberries and mangos. I filled four dehydrator trays and used wax paper. The interweb said 16 hours. They not only burnt, they also stuck to the wax paper.

My third and final undertaking: I filled four trays using a  strawberry, mango, peach, carrott, beet, and a touch of spinach blend.  Since this was my last try, I figured if I was going to go down, I would go down.  So I made three trays of apple and three trays of blueberry. Using pure carrott and beet juice in both of those as well. And they are all yum!

Here is a couple photos of the mango, strawberry, peach, etc. blend


 Tom's hands. Not mine.

Note: A few years ago, I went through a phase where all I wanted to eat was pecans and dehydrated mango. Jackie had to step in and warn me that it is very easy to over eat dehydrated fruit, due to the value of caloric and sugar intake being the same, it's just lacking the water and therefore doesn't fill you up as much as a regular piece of fruit does, thus causing you (me) to eat and eat and eat. And eat. She had to convince me that yes, even eating too much fruit can be a bad thing. So I will keep in mind, I can't eat all ten trays worth in one day anymore.

If you are still reading this...Give yourself a pat on the back and know you  have great listening skills and a good amount of patience.
Guess who came for a visit?

It was a very quick visit. The kids were so excited, Vivian canceled her plans and Liam got checked out of school. We ate yummy stuffed french toast and then he was gone.  Back to McCall, Idaho. The good news is he is moving back and will be here in a few weeks. We are so happy to have him home for the summer!