I would like to take a minute and point out how well Tom is always accessorized. His shoes did match his bags... you will just have to trust me on that .

I can't decide which one I like best, the blue one with the pink hearts or the slick Fendi bag.
Lyndsey Ercanbrack


Tom and Lyndsey Ercanbrack

Tom and I took the kids to San Diego for spring break. We had to split the week up between the beach and snowboarding so we were only gone for two days. We played at Coronado Beach, which is my favorite beach town in California. It was a little nippy, People were actually dressed in sweatshirts and hats. Nadia and I were the only ones in swimming suits.
We didn't care, we are used to being cold...we're from Utah.

Nadia took this pic from the plane. I thought it was cool.

We were on Coronado. This is the view of the city, so pretty!

We left Vivian with my mom. We missed that crazy little girl, but we had fun without her...
sorry Vivi.

Poor little Liam. He was sick the whole time.

Nadia is like a little fish, well a fish that will
not go in the water but loves to play on the beach.

Poor Liam, still sick.

Time to take the shuttle back to the airport.
It has been fun, San Diego.
Tom Ercanbrack Lyndsey Ercanbrack



Tom and I have been waiting a long time for this. We have been in the buying and selling homes business for most of our marriage with one goal in mind, to live debt free. No car payments, no house payments and no credit card debt. I am very pleased to report that we have met our goal (or at least came very close). We have built homes, remodeled homes, practically torn down homes and have moved quite a bit. We are done, Yay for us! We bought this lot about two years ago and have just been waiting to put a house on it. Today is the day. The day that all our wildest dreams will come true...


Long Beach

I took my mom and the two older kids to Huntington Beach yesterday. We had a blast. We took the eight a.m. flight to Long Beach and spent the whole day. We had the yummiest breakfast at a little cafe called The Omelet Inn. After wards, we kind of stumbled upon a t.v. set called The Unit. We got to meet the cast and talk to them. My mom was in heaven. I was happy because I got to meet the dude that played the president in 24. The Allstate guy, you know "are you in good hands...?" Then we went to the beach. The kids had a so much fun. Garrett prefers California over New York. He wants to move there. I can't say I blame him, it was so warm and sunny.
Although, I would still take NYC any day.

What a fun day! I think we all needed a little sunshine. Great food and great weather.

However, I would rather be eating this in that...