Hello Sweet Strangers!

I know it has been more than long enough since my last post... So, so much has happened in the last few months whilst being MIA with the blog upkeep.

I will need to give a full recap with photos... But since Tom traded out my laptop with...nothing, I have been bouncing from computer to computer with no end in sight. I am on my Mac right now, which I would prefer to just claim, but I know we'll be getting a new one soon, so what's the point?  My photos are here and there, scattered all over technology space. 

The good news is that our precious friends made us a cd of a great little trip we took not too long ago, with lots of photos to see. So in case you have forgotten what we look like, I will refresh your memory and recap a great vacay with our favorite friends!

I call it 
The Ring of Fire...
 (and it burns, burns, burns)