In my mission to improve the ol' blog, I have added more pictures to my Aruba slide and the slide show at the bottom... Just an FYI. Oh yeah, Also, I have finally hired an assistant to, well, assist me. She is brilliant and I am very lucky to have her! Yay for Dolly! And yay for me for hiring her! By Lyndsey Ercanbrack
It's so on

My sweet husband has put quite an enticing offer on the table for me. He has given me a particular challenge, it's not an easy one, but if... just if... I can dominate this fastidious little feat, (and you know I will...) he will reward me with one thousand dollars to go shopping in New York. I have three months to meet this goal of mine, so wish me luck, send me love, good juju, fu, hoodoo, prayers, good vibes and all that. Wow, I love a challenge... almost more than I love shopping in New york! Tom, get my empty luggage ready, I'll book the hotel. My only question is, when can I pick up the check?

You are an amazing brother, friend and protector. You have always taken such good care of me. The kids absolutely love you, you are the most popular uncle on the block! Thanks for always being there for us. We love you!



Mommy and Daddy love you so much! I can't believe you are three years old!
Our very last baby. You are so smart and you have such a sweet disposition. You are absolutely gorgeous and your eyes are constantly smiling. Your personality just kills me, You are already quick witted and sharp. You are consistantly making everyone laugh. You have to be the funniest little precious on the planet! Just promise me one thing, you will stay my baby forever.

We love you, princess!


Just a bit of insight...
By Lyndsey ercanbrack

The other night Tom made a comment to me about my desire (or lack thereof) to share my time with others and be social. I wanted to debate and give all my reasons why his allegation was absolutely absurd, but I could not come up with anything. Surprised that I had nothing to say? (That was rhetorical but feel free to tell me if you want to.) He pointed out to me that I have a tendency to draw people into my life and then feel with writhing pain, the consequences because they want to be in my life... i.e. visiting, phone calls and "hanging out". He explained, very gently mind you, I have the ability to be very friendly, but I am not capable of the commitment that comes with being friends. I thought about it for a while and the truth is... he is spot on. I am quite the hermetical girl that he described. It is true, when someone comes to my door, I rarely answer it. I don't like having to entertain, trying to come up with congenial conversation is like work to me. Play dates have never been my style and plans made with me are often times broken. Oh... and just so you know, the "drop ins" nearly kill me. I find that I am perfectly happy living in my own little world and I rarely invite people in to get to know the real me. So, why am I composing this condemning little chapter of my life in my blog... Especially when I am sure all of you have already figured this out about me? (Dang it, I'm always the last to know!) My reasoning is I have been enlightened by my very wise husband. I have never taken the time to realize, this one is on me. I am definitely aware that I have the best group of girlfriends in the world. You guys are patient, loving, funny and always so supportive. No matter what mess I manage to get myself into, you love unconditionally. So my point is don't give up on me, I have great examples to learn from and I will get this... I promise.

Or in this case, readers beware...

I want to say to the English class in Mexico, First off, thanks for reading my blog. This is just a reminder that this blog, in no way imitates what life is like in Utah... or even North America. I am a very abnormal person with a peculiar view on life. Also, although I pride myself on speaking in the correct form of English, don't go off of that either.


So Long Summer

Back to school, Already? Really? The summer is just getting started. If I remember right (and I rarely do) school didn't start for me until September. So, before I go on and on about the summer being over let me just say that I use to love going back to school. The school shopping, (I was on the news once giving a run down on what was in style, like I had any kind of clue...) the organizing of the folders,(ocd remember...) the annual awful perm and even getting the treats for school lunch... my mom would never make us eat hot lunch, that was for the under privileged kids whose parents didn't love them... I digress, we have had a lot of fun this summer. We have traveled all over and the kids have had some wonderful times. Also a lot of boring times, I am sure... I will give them that. Mostly we just chilled and enjoyed Tom being off work( he gets paid to be home in the summers.) So, here are some random pics of us just being us. Playing and livin it up. BTW, the highlight of our summer (besides the traveling) has been the parties at my parents house. My dad's "irrigation parties" have been a smash hit. Oh yeah, he moved to farm country and now he thinks he is a farmer... So cute Dad, I just love you. One more thing, My kids take hot lunch and I love them just as much as the "cold lunch parents" love their kids.


My haircut
BY Lyndsey ercanbrack

Well, I know it's not really dramatic, but it was 7 inches.


Girls Photo Shoot


Our precious Coconut

I grew up in a very non pet friendly household, and that was just fine with me. I don't like pets. Of course, I like animals, (except for cats, gross) I just don't want any of them in my home. I never understood people who loved their dirty little creatures like they were real people. The responsibility, the hair, the germs, and... the germs. (OCD clean germaphob girl, here) Oh, but I do have a major soft spot for all baby mammals and their mommy's. They are welcome to come over anytime...
Anyway, completely not the point of this post. This post is about the very first Ercanbrack pet. Precious Coconut. Garrett had been wanting a turtle since he was about 2 years old. While other kids wanted kittens and puppies, he was researching turtles. He would draw pictures of turtles, make up songs about turtles and he even wrote a book about turtles. It was titled " Turtle fun". (It was very well written and illustrated!) So, it only took me 10 years to realize that this turtle thing was not just a phase. I didn't want any animals... I had no desire to ever own a pet. But Garrett was just so darn responsible and truly had a love for turtles, for his 12th birthday, we bought him a beautiful russian tortoise. When we brought him home (it was almost the same feeling as bringing home a new baby from the hospital) I knew that I was absolutely in love with this little guy.

We bought all the necessities from the pet store, everything the owner suggested and $300.00 later, we came home and set everything up. He was miserable in his tank. It was just so sterile and unlike his natural habitat. So, I designed a beautiful pet palace for him.
Complete with a big window so he could enjoy the view out.

We were only able to enjoy Coconut for one year. When we moved into our rental in March, we couldn't bring him so my mom watched him at her house. She took him out to play one beautiful day in July and he ran away. ( Russian tortoises are famous for being great escape artists, something I failed to tell my mom.) I am sure he is loving his big adventure outside in the shrubs and flowers. He was a wild caught turtle and now he can be free once again!

We Love you Coconut, where ever you are!!!


New York
BY Lyndsey Ercanbrack

Tom and I went to New York with My family. (My dad had court so he wasn't able to make it and Jackie was doing ... what ever she was doing... love you sissy! ) But everyone else was there. We had a blast. Mandy got everyone Jimmy Fallon Tickets, so yay for me, I got to see him again! Ben was in charge of hotels and we all know what a hotel snob he is, so we stayed in some of the nicest in NY. We stayed in the Financial District the first night, with a view of the entire city. Then Soho for the remainder of the time. We hung out in Central Park, Washington Square, Time Square... Ate in Little Italy and enjoyed a few street vendors. We could not get enough of... as the boys call it "Double D's"... Duncan Donuts. Of course, there was plenty of shopping to be had, but we were with boys, and they had little patience for that. It is times like these that I am grateful to be in my own shoes. P.S. Forgive my appearance in these pics, I was sick the whole bloody time.

The View from our room. (And that was only one side)
My Favorite place in Central Park. I am going to hang this picture on my
wall in my new home, It is such a peaceful, beautiful place.

My very precious mom. She's a peach!

Madison Square Garden

Here Tom is feeding the rabid squirrels

Washington square

Central Park


I am even happy to be on the subway!

So is Tom, can you tell?

If I could live there, I would live here (Park Avenue).

No, Wait, here.

Greenwich Village

Time Square. Where else?

This is a street performer. He gave Tom his camera and told him
"don't mess it up!"

Every girl should own at least one piece of jewelry from Tiffany's.

Trinity Church, Tom was making fun of Mandy and I.

I was not feeling very well.

Our Last day there, when we got on the subway it was perfect weather, but when we got off we had to run in the pouring rain to make it back to the hotel in time to collect our stuff and get a taxi to the airport. I loved every minute of it.