Always, Always, Always Kiss Me

FINALLY, I have a Mini Me!

A very scary bunch

Garrett is a scary murdering guy, Nadia is a vampire, Liam is Yoshi
and Vivi is a terrifying witch. I could eat them all up.

Thanks to Tom, we take Halloween very serious. If you will notice the background, you see the usual scary headstones and scary guys. But, if you look really close at our windows you will see bloody hand prints. That is suppose to look like a bloodbath went down inside. Tom and the kids had a great time putting that gore-fest  together. I am sure the neighbors love having their kids walk by our house so they can get their dose of disturbing behavior.


Blog Challenged, Computer Challenged
Or just challenged in general?

So I realize I am  a shite computer user. But honestly, how difficult is it to enable the comments? Well if you are me, it's bloody difficult. I have tried to activate my comments tool but nothing happens. So, through my very brief , minimal and non-comprehensive blog comment troubleshooting, I have learned that some blog styles don't allow comments. It could also just be a glitch that mayhaps I could work out if I knew anything about computers. My point?  I do want to read your comments. I love the emails and the facebook messages. Keep them coming. Also, I just added the followers gadget so we can all follow along together. Don't be shy, it will be fun. So to those who email me and ask why I don't have a comments section... I would like one, I am just blog challenged.