Sad and Beautiful


Two or Three Phrases 
that just need to go away

"I know, right?"
 It sounds like a catch phrase the insufferable cast of "Friends" would have used on that overpraised sitcom. Note: The show is over (thank the sweet heavens above)... The Rachel hair is out and so is that reprehensible phrase.

"Just sayin'"
 Yes, it's quite obvious you are "just sayin'" because you just did. How about you do all of us grown ups a favor and just don't.

"Not to be rude, but..."
Then just stop right there and don't be. Problem solved.


Tomorrow, We Aren't Going to Church.

We are going on a family adventure instead.
 I think I'll throw on this little number by Gucci.


 Speech. less.

I don't know what to say about this film. Anything I try to type, I delete because nothing can describe how it made me feel.  I cried myself to sleep after watching this, it was the single bravest movie I have ever seen. (Rivaling and surpassing Life is Beautiful.)  Based on a true story in Tokyo, A twelve year old boy is forced to take care of his three younger siblings. These four children, who not only exactly mirror the personalities and age position of my own children, left me heartbroken and wishing I could do more as a mother, a woman and a human being. You need to be strong to see this film, but I highly recommend you find the strength to do so. It will inspire you to be more charitable, grateful, benevolent, compassionate and perhaps it will  rip you out of your own world  and your eyes will open to an entire world of others who are facing adversity.

I could go on for hours and hours about how absolutely amazingly powerful this film was. But I know I could never do it justice... So I won't insult it.

When your true love walks into your view, you'll know it. He'll be hauling the sun and the moon and all the stars in the sky and a rainbow or two along with him.

And you'll never tire of the spectacle.


History of Rap
  Part Deux

 So to double back up why my sisters and I have affections for both JT and Jimmy Fallon and in case there is any doubt as to why, I hope this clears it up.  If you ask me... These two sound better than the real thing.(Rob Base and DJ EZ RockCypress HillSalt-N-PepaNellyOutkast,  and Biz Markie...To name a few)

Seriously, what's not to love?



Some Past Photos

Keep in mind while viewing...These photos were taken with my old SLR Nikon that thanks to my "I am going to be a photographer for National Geographic" phase, I received one glorious Christmas from my parents. I never really learned how to use it, But I loved that camera nonetheless and just recently parted with it. This was way before digital times...The times I much preferred. It took a long time for me to buy into the whole digital world fad... (Which turned out not to be such a fad.) These photos are all unedited and very incomplex. They are what we were.  

(And thanks to my new love...My scanner, for allowing me to post these)

Society teaches us that having feelings and crying is bad and wrong. Well, that’s baloney, because grief isn’t wrong. There’s such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown.

                                                              Michael Scott


for Tom's Birthday

First we took the kids for breakfast. We always, always over order at breakfast. We can't help it, every breakfast item looks so good!

Then Tom and I went shopping and we both got some great things.
(I love helping celebrate.)

And for Dinner we took the children to La Jolla Groves,
which is a favorite of Tom and I's. Cheesy environment.
Bloody good food.


 I Hate Scotland
 by Ballboy

Sometimes in my life
I take all my hopes and dreams
All my ambitions and all my aspirations
And i give them all up
Trade them all in
Put them all to one side

For a springboard
And a pair of shorts
And a plain white t-shirt
And the ability to do a perfect back flip

I think if i could do it
The seconds would feel like hours to me
It would be like medicine
Staying with me during the days and during the weeks
When I'm just pushing on
Just getting by

And it's funny how your life is
It's funny how you can spend years and years
Building up layer by layer
And then throw it all away in a second

And I'm not all what i used to be
And although I've more or less accepted it
Although I'm no longer trying to change it
I still regret it
I regret it every day

I'm not all what i used to be

Maybe it's Scotland i hate
I know i hate so many things about it
I hate the way punishments are the heart of everything
I hate the way parents beat their children
I hate the way everything always has to be someone's fault
Even though some things just happened
Some things just happened!

I hate the way people bring up their children
To be exactly the same as they are
Just so they can justify the way they've lived their lives

I hate the way we expect to fail
And then we fail
And then we get bitter because we failed

Maybe it's Scotland i hate

Maybe Scotland's got nothing to do with it
Maybe all this has got nothing to do with anything

But i know that i would give it all up
Trade it all in

A springboard
And a pair of shorts
And a plain white t-shirt
And a perfect back flip

I'd give it all up for that
A Splash of

Tomorrow's Church Dress


 Why is seeing Clothes on a Line So Comforting?

 When I was growing up, I would stay weeks at a time at my grandma's farmhouse. She had the house with an active coal shoot and a heating system that still required it. Her washing machine was as old fashioned as her home and I don't think she even owned a dryer. We would haul everything out to the backyard clothes line.  She had three of them, two tall and one short one that we could reach. I loved hanging the clothes and sheets on them. I loved seeing everything blow in the wind even more. I would say I loved the way everything smelled, but because of my lack of smell, I couldn't enjoy that part... my brothers and sisters did though. 

It's rare now, to see clothes still drying on a line, but on those rare occasions that I do, I remember grandma and those three old clothes lines. I always wanted to swing from them. Once I tried and she told me if I ever attempt that stunt again..."she'd paddle me."

Love you Gram!


Look What I Learned

So I know I am quite behind the times... I just scanned my first photo. While at my  mom's today, I learned that you can actually take a photo that wasn't taken with a digital camera and you put it in this thing that looks like a printer and magical things happen. Oh you lucky readers! Now I can find photos from the past and post them. We shall start with this beauty.I don't remember much about this one. I found it in my mom's laundry room next to a small photo of my precious grandpa Fred. (my mom's dad) I never knew him but my parents and grandma say he and Tom are exactly alike. They even share a birthday. 

Cool! I can scan that photo too.

Of course he is handsome... He was married to my grandma.


 Let's Sleep Together, You and I

Look Again, You'll Love Them Too

“I could not help being inspired by English National Ballet… After all,
isn’t the classical dancing ballet slipper the ultimate heel?
The heel which makes dancers closer than any other women to the sky, closer to heaven!”

- Christian Louboutin

I don't think I will ever get to own a pair of Louboutin's... But if I did, these would be they.
 If I Could Get My Hands on This Copenhagen Beauty...

I can't even stand how much I love these floors.
Via here