The Milk Carton Kids

Ash and Clay

This is the most soothing music of the month. This takes me back to my childhood, when we were little and we'd stay at my grandma's house. Sometimes we would be there for weeks at a time. Very few of my memories are as sweet as those days. Playing on the farm...Eating burnt hamburger and fresh string beans with a quarter cup of milk, one of us being the lucky one to drink it from the highly desirable pink money cup. We rarely left the farm, but when we did, it was always the highlight of our stay. Grandma Elaine was the youngest of five girls and it was her responsibility to chauffeur her older sister, dear Aunt Edna, around. So, whenever we went...Aunt Edna went. Our goings included attending funerals, post office drops, singing at the nursing home and our personal favorite, "going to town"(Ream's grocery store...bin candy heaven). We would pull up to Aunt Edna's house and she'd be waiting on her porch holding her purse and her sun hat...always donning her finest clothes. Grandma would warn us to behave...And without saying a word, Aunt Edna would get in the car and we would drive. She would gaze out the window with a peaceful smile, happy to be with her sister. And grandma drove with a pleased smile. The whole way to town.

I loved those times. 

Miss you sweet grandma. And Aunt Edna, too.