Worst Movie of the Year

So since I have gone on and on about good, quality movies I thought I ought to give my humble opinion on the worst movie of the year. What may contribute to my conclusion is the fact that this has a pretty decent cast, and still it blew! So without further ado, the winner of Lyndsey's pick for worst movie of the year is... He's just not that into you. WOW! That was painful to sit through. Now, you all know I don't usually like chick flicks to begin with but my girlfriends wanted to see this and so I regrettably agreed. If you haven't seen this hideous movie but are planning on going, run do not walk away from this sad attempt at entertainment.

On a more positive note, I kind of like my rental house.



I am pleased to report that I am now 31 years old. I would
love to say the older I get, the wiser I become...
but that would be a lie.

Lyndsey ercanbrack lyndsey ercanbrack



Oh Orem, you will be missed.

... No seriously.

Remember the time when we sold our house and had no where to go? No, not that time. Nope, not that time either. Yeah, that time in Highland when we were scrambling to find a house anywhere and I had the idea to move to Orem even though our lives were still in American Fork. It did work out in the end. (besides driving back and forth twenty times a day.) Oh, the fond memories of living in Orem... like the time Tom was in Philly for the week and that drunk guy came over to the house and wouldn't leave until I called the police. Or, like the time in the Target parking lot where that abusive mother and I had a not so pleasant exchange of dialogue. Or the time when I had a broken tail light and two police cars and four officers pulled me over half a block from my house with all the neighbors watching. Of course the best was when a member of the bishopric came over to drop something by and I had no idea anyone was here and I came out with no pants on.

...Good times!

On a more serious note, we have met some really great people and we will miss them like crazy!!! Our ward was wonderful and the kids made some really great friends. The location was great. Garrett was able to ride to the skate park everyday in the summer and the outdoor swimming pool was fantastic. (we lived there.) Close to shopping, restaurants and that great new movie theater behind The University Mall. Oh and as for you, Hello Yogurt ... I will be back. Everyday.



Liam is 4 years old. He is the funniest little boy on the planet!
He is also very tender and sensitive. He steals the hearts of everyone he meets.

Halloween? No, why do you ask?
This is just his everyday attire.
Liam has a lot of strengths. He is very athletic and coordinated. He
can already rock on a skateboard. He can work magic with any ball and
oh yeah, he can also beat me on the Wii. He also has great taste in the music
department. His favorite song is The greatest man that ever lived by Weezer,
also one of my favorites. He also loves Dire Straits, Bob Dylan and Bonnie Tyler
A boy after my own heart.

Happy birthday my handsome baby!!! I love you!!!