The good. The bad. The awkward. The Ugly.
By Lyndsey Ercanbrack

(The Ugly)
I will start with the expired registration of my car. (Due last month.) It would already be done except for that pesky check engine light is on. Tom had been asking me for weeks to get it into the dealership so he can get the inspection done and the car registered. So after finally taking it in, I find out that our car, which runs perfectly fine, has an emission problem that will cost two thousand dollars to fix. I wasn't worried thanks to our awesome warranty.   

Wait,  what? It expired one week ago? Really? Perfect.

So no, I don't want to pay to have it fixed. I have a very hard time dumping money into something I would feel no gain from (the car runs perfectly) and mostly because I really don't even like the car. I know this is irrational thinking, (one of my specialties) but Tom has hinted to just getting me a new car. So until that hint becomes reality, I am not going to get that car registered... I am going to take my chances with the law. 
That was on Friday.
(The Awkward)
Sunday I drove to Salt Lake to work at our office. Time was short but I  had to stop at a gas station to get a soda, it would be the only thing to help me through my long night. I would just run in and run out. So as I am getting my ice a very nice man strikes up a conversation with me, asking  about my day, yada yada yada. Next thing I know he is singing to me as loud as his windpipes will allow. Not just any old song , he is singing a German Opera. What was I doing? Just standing there, smiling. While I would normally appreciate being serenaded by a total stranger as I  fill up a thirty two ounce soda cup, (it was quite beautiful, so was the song) I didn't have a lot of  time. He finally finished. I clapped...It was awkward. I rushed out the door and was unfortunately forced to speed. Jetblue has no patience for tardiness.
(The Bad)
Of course I got pulled over. I was speeding, my tail light was out and there was that little problem of  expired registration. "Is there a problem, Officer?"...  I handed over my license and he was off to sit in his car and do whatever Officers do while their prospect waits anxiously in their car for thirty five minutes. I looked at my clock and then my rear view mirror... clock...mirror...clock...mirror..clock..mirror.clock.mirror. I couldn't wait any longer. If I am late at Jetblue I would get a write up. And, I have already received an email about my "promptness", or lack thereof.  I had to take the advice I am always giving my children.  Be Proactive!  "Officer, I am really sorry to get out of my car and bother you like this, but I if I am not logged into my computer in 4 minutes, I am going to get in trouble and could lose my job and then I will never be able to pay for the repair to get my car registered." 
(The Good)
That's when I got the police escort to work. He even came in with me to explain to my boss why I was late.
Yes. I didn't get a ticket. Or the write up. 
(The Rambling)
No, the above was not rambling. Those were straight to the point facts.
I am really excited about the prospects of a new car.  I am now anticipatorily researching new(er) cars.   I don't think we will get it anytime soon, remember our (Tom's) no debt policy. We will need to save for a little bit but I have my eye on this one.
Picture a white Volvo XC90. Just like the one I talked about months ago under my NPR Car Talk post. Although, when I talked about that one, I really had very little hope of actually getting it, but due to the recent developments of our current situation...that may change...but because of our current situation, it won't be the forty nine thousand dollar version. It may be less dressed. But I would rather a stripped Volvo than a loaded something else. Any day. 
Yes, she will be a real beauty.  I don't need (want even) all the whistles and bells. My kids don't need to watch movies whilst traveling from A to B. That's gotta be the quickest way to ensure your child will suffer from ADD.  Plus, if they don't have any memories of driving each other nuts in the car, what will they talk about at Thanksgiving Dinner when they are older? Also, kids that have car TV never have the chance to listen to their parent's music. How will they imbibe good taste? They will be doomed to listen to Ryan Seacrest and the Top 40, or worse yet... What ever record the latest "Disney Star" comes out with. I would rather die a slow death than have them listen to any of that. Some of my fondest memories are of listening to my dads music in the car. It changed my life. Much more so than Land Before Time part 15 ever would. 
In closing
I would recommend paying close attention to warranty dates, never let a music man strike up conversation with you when you are in a hurry, and when it comes to Officers, being proactive might help. And so might a low cut shirt...Kidding. As far as the car goes, I am going to try to go without my registration for as long as I can. I hate to pay two thousand dollars and then turn around and trade it in. I would rather put that money toward a new car. Is that the most practical road to go down? Probably not, but when you think of me, is practical  the first word that comes to your mind?


You're weird.
I like you.


Saucy review
As promised.

The excitement was building as we drove to Red Butte Gardens last night. It had been along time since the last outdoor concert...Wow... a really long time. Last one was The Steve Miller Band. Tom and I had just started dating. I wore combat boots, cut off shorts, which were guaranteed too short, and a  red tie dye shirt. My hair was long, straight and parted in the middle. Of course, no make up. I thought  I was a hippie. Tom's hair was also long, straight and parted in the middle. Too bad I don't have any pictures... We could have all shared in the moment. Anyway, as we pulled into the parking lot, we had never seen so many Volvos and *Prioria in one concentrated area ever before.Which right away gave me a sense of unity...Of course Tom and I being on the outside of their unanimity. (We should have never sold the Volvo) But I was pleased for them.
*Fun Fact:

Have you ever wondered what the plural form of Prius is? In case you thought it was Prii or Priuses you would be wrong. If you want to be scrupulously correct when you refer to your fleet of Toyota hybrid vehicles, it's Priora.  According to wired.com  "Prius is the neuter nominative/accusative singular form of the adjective prior, so the neuter plural is Priora."

Read More about this fun fact here

The weather was a bit warm at first (piping, scorching, oven like) but after about an hour, we got a cool breeze and  the sun went down and it was perfectly pleasant.

While we waited for the show to start I wandered over to the food concessions, you know I love to eat. What a treat to find out Whole Foods was taking care of the  food department. (Major sarcasm) I starved. Ten Dollar cheese and fruit cup? No thanks.  Fifteen dollar cheese and cracker tray?  Only if it comes with wine,which I wouldn't be drinking anyway. Nine dollar hummus wrap? I would rather eat dirt. The good news is... I can go without the food, as long as I have a Diet Coke (That's the WT in me.) But when I asked where I could purchase one, the friendly cashier looked at me like I was speaking a different language... I  may as well asked her if she wouldn't mind finding the nearest cow, slaughtering  it, skinning it, making a leather jacket out of it and throwing the rest on a spigot. Sorry to offend, lady. Next time I'll just bring my own.

Well once again, I have spent most of my time recapping the most unimportant parts of the whole show and have failed to write about the stuff I actually set out to discuss...But now it is time for me to go. 

I will quickly say, Mr. Hansard was wonderful, charming and definitely had the quick wit that I love so much. I found Ms. Irglova  even more fetching than I ever thought possible. ( I really love her!)  I have to say I was entertained from start to finish.The best part was when Tom and I went down to the front row and were so close to them we could see the magic in their eyes. Glen wore a smile the whole time. His guitar solos were captivating... I never wanted it to end.  Of course, it did end. For the encore they played Gold, which isn't one of my favorites, but then they ended with High Horses... Which is one of their best. All in all, a great night. They really know how to put on a show. 

Dang it! There is no sauce in this review. I am sorry, if you want some perhaps the Whole Foods cashier can help you.


Tonight. Heaven.  

Glen Hansard  has a band called The frames, which is an amazing indie rock/folk band. So amazing in fact, they have toured with Bob Dylan. (A friend of Bob's is a friend of mine.) He has also released some  music alone, and that is amazing as well. But when he sings with Marketa Irglova, it is as if the heavens open up and an elevated level of music is born. Together they are The Swell Season. And I love them. 

Oh! Look at the time! It's already five and I haven't even started to get ready...I will be back later with a very saucy review.


Every morning about 5:30 am  I wake up to my sweet little Vivi or my Li climbing into bed with us. Sometimes one of them, other times both of them. I much prefer them over an alarm clock. Vivian has the voice of an angel, and Liam just gently pokes at me until I am up and playing at full speed. (I am really going to miss when they outgrow this stage.) So this morning my precious little three year old Vivi hopped into my bed and after I muttered a good morning to her she said in her sweetest voice...

"Mom, you know cows are magical and  Lady Gaga is disgusting cause she doesn't wear panties."

This is what makes children so much cooler to converse with than anyone else... I just  wish they would stay this little forever. Why is it necessary for kids to grow up so fast?

Oh no, it's starting... I am getting bebe hungry. Unfortunately, Tom and I have decided we are done having  children.  So I think I may look into the adoption of a little monkey. They are adorable, and a lot like bebes, you can even put diapers on them when they are little. And they love to give kisses. I've just never really heard of people adopting them around here... this is going to take some research. And maybe a trip to Africa.
Movies for Schmucks

By Lyndsey Ercanbrack
Well, the blistering heat and relentless sun tell me that it is definitely summer...and If I had any doubts, being exposed to way too much skin on both the male and female body, removes all question. At what point did anyone think we wanted to see the people of Wal Mart, outside of Wal Mart? It is almost as though summer gives us the right to dress like a bunch of squalid inhabitants...moving on. The title to this featured spiel gives away any hope that this is a fashion article. And before I allow this post  to be hijacked by a set of strong clothing (or lack thereof) opinions, (We will cover why I don't particularly love the sloppy, scantily clad, in shape and out of shape summer bod's another time. I know what you are thinking... and no, I am not a Quaker– I just prefer to see people wearing clothes.)  Let me get back to the point at hand.

Back when my parents were kids... Nope...Since I was little...uh uh... I once thought I was destined for Hollywood...wrong topic...When I was of an appropriate age to appreciate a well made movie, I would look so forward to summer releases. Sitting in a theater with my treats witnessing the magic of creativity. In fact, apart from Christmas, the summer months provided the best cinema entertainment... So I am befuddled by what happened this year?

Barring Inception, which was kinda brilliant, we have suffered a scarcity of good filmage. (Don't google that word, I made it up.) Sure we have had a few fun movies...The Other Guys made me laugh here and there, Who doesn't love that Mark Wahlberg? Oh yeah, and Will Ferrell was good too. Another one,  Scott Pilgrim Takes on the World. That was quite clever. I have to say that I really enjoyed it. A bit of a college movie though...I  have a feeling it will gain a cult following. Plus, George Michael (Some know him as Michael Cera) has a gift to make  any  character he plays endearing, thus making the movie even more enjoyable to watch. And... that's about it. Wait, I can't forget The Expendables. Tom smiles from ear to ear every time the preview comes on, so we will be watching that one, are we expecting greatness? Maybe...Jason Statham is in it.

In case We have any twelve year old girls reading my blog, I won't voice my opinions on Letters to Juliet, When in Rome, Going the Distance...or anything with Katherine Heigl, Kristin Bell or anyone from week night television. ( I know what you are thinking... and no, I don't think they are the same movie... Although, since I didn't see them I can't be too sure.) 

There is one movie that I have been dying to see and  I already feel connected to the cast.
side story

People have been telling my oldest sister for years that she is a dead wringer for Annette Bening. And  since Boogie Nights release  I have been told I resemble Julianne Moore... (I have my moments) AND my older brother doesn't necessarily look like, but behaves exactly the same as Mark Ruffalo. (I have had the pleasure of talking with him) So of course I am going to want to see a movie with all three of them starring in it... Even if it the two women that resemble my sister and I are lesbian lovers, and their sperm donor just happens to behave exactly  as my brother does...  I can look past that... I hope.



Oh, the title is The kids are Alright. That's the one I have been really excited to see, it received major buzz at Sundance film fest. Since then, it has been on my short list... and IF (that's a big if) I didn't live in the county that I live in, I would have already seen it. However, 95 percent of the movies I want to watch aren't ever released in my city...OR county...Or sometimes, even my state.   I actually find it very bothersome. There are plenty of people in the area that are capable of watching and even loving something other than Eat Pray Love (seriously, Julia Roberts, seriously) No, I didn't see it...  Nor  did I see that deficient flick called Dinner for Schmucks. Dear Steve Carell, maybe John Stewart will take you back and you can find yourself again. And...would I watch ever watch something with Paul Rudd? No thanks, I just showered.

Last on the agenda for tonight, is a movie that is causing a bit of a quandary. I believe it is titled The Switch. It stars Jennifer Aniston. From past posts, or any conversation you may have had with me, you know how I feel about her. So it's off the table. Not so fast...it also stars Jason Bateman. Now my first reaction was to call SNL and beg Lorn Michaels for a "Really Jason Bateman, Really?" with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, but unfortunately, I don't have that kind of clout. Plus, apart from me, I think a lot of people will  see the movie because she is in it. So, Jason may be doing it to help his career (did he sell out???)I don't think I will be seeing it, I just won't be able to get passed Rachel Greene and the "friends"acting coach, she still obviously uses. Sorry Jason, because of that girl, I you blew it with this girl.


One last thing... I have to admit, I saw Step Up 3. I know. It was a girls night, and no one else wanted to watch American Grindhouse. I took one for the team... I did leave all sharp objects in the car, a preventative measure I took to keep from stabbing myself in the eye. But in all honesty, I smiled through most of it. Of course the story was probably written by a thirteen year old girl, but it was fun to watch the bang up dancing. And, I was sitting next to a girl who was a huge fan, so she made it quite entertaining as well.

So in short,
(clearly too late)

I am hoping to see more creative, inventive filmage and less nakedness on the streets of Utah. And if you are with good friends, sometimes really cheesy movies can be entertaining. 


Via oneinamillion


Good news ahead

Judging by the above picture, I assume you know this post will be about my beloved band. Indeed, you are right.(Yay)  I have lots of wonderful news to report today. Let us start this report by recognizing that Weezer has been with the Geffen label since their music birth. We will never forget the label  for bringing us  gems like Pinkerton and the Red Album, but it is  time to bid adieu to the Geffen regime, as Weezer has decided to move on to smaller and better things!  Yes, it is true, yesterday the band announced they will be releasing their eighth album on the Epitaph label, marking the first time they will release an LP with an indie. FINALLY!  My Rivers will now have the freedom to be as raw and melodic as he pleases. As you know, (see Urban Dictionary post titled "As You Know") Epitaph has brought us amazing music from bands like Bad Religion, (one of my fav's) You Me At Six, Social D (another one of my fav's) Refused and many, many other smashing bands.

I just had one problem...

The cover

(and Rivers facebook profile pic)

Without the backing of the major Geffen label, Is Rivers panicking about the publicity of the album? Does he think that if he puts the picture of the dude from Lost all the annoying "Lostees" will buy the album because  the face of one of the characters is on the front? And worse, it's named after him? Is he trying to win over the Lost fans? Who cares about them?

   That was my first reaction...  

However, I have more faith in Rivers than that. He is very intelligent (A Harvard Grad, after all) and I feel he makes most of his music decisions through pure inspiration. So I am not judging the cover or it's title.
I read an article in the LA Times where River says, he's not a fan of Lost (thank goodness)... He has only seen one or two seasons, But Rather just a fan of Gorge Garcia (AKA Hurley) and "his gleaming mug". It is kind of comical that while most bands obsess over what name they will give their next album or even ponder for months on the cover, Weezer is just going to use a  modified version of Rivers' facebook profile pic...And then name their album after it.(Hurley...and please bless this title has nothing to do with the 1987 clothing company that only seventh graders wear.)
There are so many reason why I love this clever band. It may be nostalgia. I  have loved them since I was 15 years old.  We would listen to them in my Subaru wagon every night as we would drive to Brighton to enjoy some night boarding.Or maybe it is just Rivers and his sense of realness. Or perhaps it's just him... How could you not love him? Just look at that face! Yes, they have had some less than stellar Albums... too poppy or too cheesy, (those are the ones we hear on the radio... I choose to overlook them because I have the "Mac condition"...see Vita Mix post )  but Pinkerton sold me for the rest of my life. If they can make more music like that (and I am hoping with this new label they will) I will be in music heaven.

  Here is a excerpt from the LA Times Article. I will just copy and paste the whole thing  because I couldn't have said it better myself.

"Any live music maven in the second decade of the 21st century knows that a plain old rock band has a little problem. Shows have become so elaborate, overstimulating fans with lights shows, props, dancers and other distractions, that three or four people banging away on standard instruments can seem awfully dull.Weezer  leader Rivers Cuomo has overcome this disadvantage by diving deep into the rock and roll frontman's smelly trick bag and refreshing its contents with the kind of energy you'd expect from a young brat, not a 40-year-old dad with 15 years of stardom under his corduroy-hoisting belt.
Performing Saturday afternoon at the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Cuomo spent more time in the audience than he did onstage. He climbed onto camera dollies, played catch with giant Nerf footballs and several beach balls, and consistently invaded the personal space of his screaming fans. The madman routine was sharp as an ice pick -- Cuomo nailed every vocal in Weezer's wordy hits, led the band and pulled out several large guitar solos to boot."
Funny, because ten thousand lunges made mine smaller and smaller.
Until it practically became invisible.

But this still applies:

Those who scorn it
are invited to kiss it.


"Sad Helmet Keanu"

 If you are wondering why this is so humorous to me, visit this website:


Gooood Morning        

  This is us at six  in the morning. We  woke up to find  Vivian taking over one hundred
pictures of the sink, cabinets, televisions and  fridge. Of course, Nadia and I
 had to pose before snatching the camera out of Vivi's sticky little mitts.
Thank heavens for digital cameras.


I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge
That myth is more potent than history
That dreams are more powerful than facts
That hope always triumphs over experience
That laughter is the only cure for grief
And I believe that love is stronger than death


I wish I lived in a world where everyone lived by this savoir-faire. Can you imagine what a high flown inspiring world we would live in?

Side note to doctors, pilots and school lunch staff members:
Please ignore the above. This does not apply to you.



Normally I am not partial to becoming fans of things...events, situations, concepts on Facebook unless I am trying to support a friend, OR I truly love what I am about to click that I "like"... Turns out there are websites dedicated to allowing you to select  things...events, situations, concepts  that you like ...just to like it. Seems strange to me, what's the point? But then again, what's the point of Facebook to begin with? Or this blog?

So there is a "I hate it when" phenomenon going around, that for the most part is pretty feebleminded. But there have been a couple that have actually made me crack a smile... in some cases made me even laugh a little.

I hate it when you're with MC Hammer and he doesn't let you touch anything.

I hate it when I want to stop believing but Journey won't let me.

I hate when I'm looking for Tyler Durden, and it turns out I'm Tyler Durden.

I hate when I'm shirtless in the woods and Abercrombie takes pictures of me.

I hate when I get in one  little fight and I have to move to Bel Air.

I hate it when someone secretly puts your name in the Goblet of Fire.

*Maybe I find these humorous because I picture a little twelve year old going through all this trouble to come up with these, and actually taking the time to post them on one of these dumb websites. Or they remind me of me when I was twelve, I would have thought these were very clever. Either way, I am not sure why I think they are funny. They just are.*