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I found this on my mom's computer. I don't know what's going on with me
or my hair, but Tom looks so cute.  This must have been at least 3 years ago. 


Happy Thanksgiving
   Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. 
Nothing to overdone. No weird characters involved. 
Just food and family. What more could I possibly ask for?


An Amazing Man

This is my father in law. I love him dearly. He has been battling cancer for the past while.
 It is really hard to watch someone who has always been so strong and capable be 
weakened by something they can't control. He is fighting it, and he is beating it. 
We wouldn't accept anything less.

We love you, Paul!


le chocolat

  Fair Warning

   I walked into my powder room after Nadia had cleaned it. I saw this. Struck me as funny.


I love big hair accessories. There is something very nostalgic about them.
What I wouldn't give to be walking down the street and happen upon the woman in the blue skirt. And of course, I would totally sport the pink outfit. And I would love it.
 Grey is the New Brown.
And has been for years. Quick, someone tell Utah.
 Just to clarify:
 GrAy = America
GrEy = England

(Both spellings are correct. One just seems cooler than the other.)

I am absolutely in love with this Oly Studio Elisabeth cabinet. (Alice Lane)

Grey can be very warm.  Love this chair. I'll take two, please.

My new favorite is mixing gold accessories with a cool grey. Also, keep in mind,
original parquet flooring is very hip. The honey color looks perfect with grey.
There is no rule saying the two don't work... As we can see, they work beautifully.

Beautiful. Love grey and white.

Great floor, great bones, great grey.
When can we move in?

So long, brown. We'll miss you dearly.


Do you think I could get Tommy Smythe
to be my design assistant?

I guess before I hire an assistant, I better get some clients.
Do I really want to do this again? If I do, I am going to need
Tommy be my side. With a notebook.


You might be an interior designer if...

You obsessively take the time to choose the color of the cup, plate, and fork your children's breakfast will be served on.You either match everything or pair interesting color combinations. Then stand back and... Aah, just take it in.

When purchasing your new computer the conversation between you and your salesman goes something like this... "Yeah, yeah, I don't care about the whatever bytes... Just show me what  the monitor looks like."

Your kitchen towels all need to live cohesively.

You have had a custom wall color made to match your favorite leafy vegetable.

You have heard this more than once, "I've never noticed that. Wow... How did you notice that?" When you've pointed out a detail in someone else's home.

You keep yourself awake at night with thoughts of paint chips and flooring samples.

You have a full room dedicated to bolts of fabric you bought with no intention of ever using.

You cringe when your child begs to have that new character shirt. You immediately think, "What sweater does he own that could 1. Cover up said shirt with, and 2. Look artistically eccentric when paired with above mentioned shirt."

Upon entering a friends home, you find it almost painful to NOT give advice on how to improve their space.

When you catch a vision for a room, you physically start to shake with excitement.

You sincerely believe it is your civic duty to make sure that everyone you have ever met lives in a space that they absolutely love.

You often think, "Man, life would be so much easier if I just didn't care!"

If  selecting colors, flooring, lighting, fixtures, furniture, accessories and pinning down a precise style for your client is as easy as breathing, but committing to a picture frame for your own home throws you into a state of panic and fear, YOU MIGHT BE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER
Oh, and if you have ever "finished" a room in your own home, you might NOT be an interior designer.



Not this:
A luncheon or supper buffet offering a variety of foods and dishes (as hors d'oeuvres, hot and cold meats, smoked and pickled fish, cheeses, salads, and relishes)

An often large heterogeneous mixture.  (If you ask me, A letter perfect description of the world wide inter web.)

I have a great  jay oh be.  I get to converse with some of the most interesting, funny, smart,  and... creative people on the east coast. (and when I say funny, until you have an NJDB say with a straight face that he needs to be reimbursed for being forced to hire a "lady friend" because his flight back to Newark was cancelled, and he was unable to get home to have his girlfriend meet his "needs", you haven't heard funny.)  However, sometimes (usually always) it can be quite mind numbing.  It requires a lot of sitting in front of a computer with nothing to do. Some would refer to this as the most ridiculous waste of any one's time,  while I refer to it as an opportunity to grow. It's a time where I can quench my  thirst  for  the need to be filled with completely useless knowledge. So there I sit... Just me and my computer. So while I sit, I surf. It's fun. I especially enjoy reading other blogs. I love  getting insight into a random stranger's life. I  find their take on specific topics (that most would find completely useless) totally interesting. 

Here are some little gems that I have come across. Check them out. You can thank me later.

This guy. I don't know who he is, but he's awesome. 
The only thing that tops his ridiculous emails are the cockamamie
people that choose to banter with him.  

This is funny because it's called "The Internet Never Forgets".
 An indefectible name for a website that features past celebrity pictures. 
It's sad but true. The internet never does forget. 
Isn't that right, Jared Leto?

And Lastly,

Good F***ing Design Advice
When you come across a website, and it is called Good Design 
Advice, it'd probably be... well, a website with some good 
design advice. But throw the F-word between Good and 
Advice, and you've got something pretty f**king clever.

It features great advice like:
Question f***ing everything
 Break all the f***ing rules
Don't design in an f***ing vacuum

Good advice? Of course.
Funny as all get out?
You better f***ing believe it.