For Sale

If you know me, you know I don't like to sell my own stuff...It just makes more sense to donate it and let someone else benefit from what has already been paid for.  However, since the money tree I planted out back hasn't produced anything(yet),...I have decided that if  I don't sell this stuff, I won't be able to buy new stuff.
Thus causing my sweet husband, my children and I to sit on the floor to eat our supper.

This is the Delaney sofa from Restoration Hardware. It is just a couple years old, the sofa was $2799.00 and the love seat, $2200.00.  They are 100% down filled and so comfy. They are quite a stunning set, I just need something different now.

$900 for the sofa, $750.00 for the love seat.

This lovely little Louis XV style, mid century has a pretty linen upholstery that needs to be cleaned or re done. (That's what I get for sitting my kids to eat in it everyday)
Just to compare... Christie's is selling a similar chair for $1800.00... I am almost positive the quality is comparable ;)

Consider yourself very lucky to have it offered to you at $75.00

Had I decided to keep it, I would've done something like this:

I believe I have eight of these, they are just a pretty and quite detailed dining chair. I bought them for this house, but am deciding to go with Lucite ghost chairs instead. I would say these are decidedly  English in style.  They were $160.00 each.

$80.00 ea

I am also selling the thick woven, almost cable style sisal rug. It is 8x10 and was a steal at $300.00... I will sell it for  $150.00

This is a beautiful Louis XV sofa that has been in my husbands family for forever. I just had it recovered in this gorgeous cut cotton linen. This sofa has been sat on maybe ten times in its life.

(The fabric alone costs about that)

I have two of these. They are $1500.00 sofas. (I got them  at RC Willey on sale for $550.00 ea)They have just been sitting in my loft upstairs waiting for me to do something with them. I never will decide what to do with them.

$350.00 ea One Sold One Left!

This is a nice very modern white leather love seat. We just have it sitting upstairs in the gaming area. The kids usually just sit on the floor. I bought it for this house but it never gets used.

Also selling the zebra style rug 7x7 for $45.00

This has been in my storage and now my basement for six years, its very pretty and would be awesome for a little girls room. Either leave it this wood stain or paint it a beautiful greige.


White velvet headboard. King size. Almost new.


Very pale pink (cherry wood underneath) chest.


This 8X10 black and grey very contemporary shag rug.


This 8X10 sea foam blue wool rug.


This is a vanity from the thirties. Lovely.


Ethan Allen Chippendale chair and a half. This is a gorgeous matelasse fabric but needs to either be cleaned or re covered.
A linen or chintz slip cover would be fabulous.


Full size head  and foot board from the forties.

Four brand new real wood blinds in chest nut. Can be adjusted in length and a little on the width
24X84. Perfect for patio doors. I paid 150.00 ea 
(Ordered the wrong color.)

$45.00 ea

French hall table. One of my very favorite pieces.


Cool chair was in a movie... 
(I had to wait to pick it up until filming was done.)

$75.00 Sold!

Two of these. One in a box. Brand new, just dusty. Huge and beautiful.
Never underestimate the power of beautiful exterior lighting.

$45.00 ea SOLD!

Two of these. Hand forged Stunning exterior lights. On my current home, I just had two left over.
They were a small fortune.

$100.00 ea

Grandmother clock.

$100.00 SOLD!

Ethan Allen Bombay chest, hand painted.

$200.00 SOLD!

Mirrored night stand.


I have name brands on all of this furniture and rugs, apart from some of the vintage stuff. I am away from my house as I list these, so for more information you can email me. Most of this is stuff that has been in our basement collecting dust. So forgive their current state as they all dust off great.

I am going to avoid selling these on the local classifieds. That seems like a major headache. 


If you ask me about my day today
(Would you look at that cabinetry!) 

I will tell you that I've seen better,

but I will also tell you I've seen worse.

I am currently sitting at my desk
 (Love this vestibule)

enjoying some Phil Collins hold music 
(Marry me, double smeg kitchen)

and I felt inspired to tell you about a reoccurring dream I have.

Wouldn't you agree

that nothing is worse

than hearing about other people's dreams?
 (Dream Kitchen)

So consider yourself lucky,

as I am too tired to go into it.
(I am absolutely mad about that spread)

So have yourself some cake 

 And drink

I'm going to bed.




Alone Apart
This is one of my very favorite songs ever to be sang, ever to be heard.
It takes me to another place and when I'm there, I don't want to leave.
(Forgive this terribly cheesy youtube video, it had the best sound quality. Just close your eyes, listen and let it take you to another place...Perhaps I'll meet you there.)


Because I highlighted my favorite designer at NYFW (the one and only ODLR),  it would only be fair to highlight my favorite during London Fashion Week. I had a few favorite designers, It was a hard thing for me to narrow down to only a few photos... Without further ado, I bring you my top picks for LFW

Mathew Williamson





Paul Smith

A note to the boy(s)

If any read my blog

No, this isn't a fashion blog... It's more of a slapdash blog with no real point other than to satisfy my need to talk a little bit about everything that I love... And I have to say, I so love fashion. I don't love it like I love interior design or architecture. I don't get the same feeling when I look at clothes like I get when I see a beautiful piece of furniture, but I can definitely appreciate fashion for what it adds to my life, the ability to help bring out my personality and show my own emblematic style.

If you are still with me, I appreciate your patience... I will soon get back to... Wait, what is it that I blog about that would draw the attention of boys? Oh, silly me... Nothing.

SO to the girl(s)

(Hi mom)

I will continue to bring you high fashion and cutting edge couture.