These were on my desktop, I don't know why, but it makes me sad to see them. 
It seems like I have forgotten how small the children once were.


I hope your day is filled with goodness.



 A New Leaf

I have so much to say today... A lot has happened in the last little bit...I will start with the bad news first. I was pulled over on Wednesday AND I  received a ticket. It was the first ticket I have been given in a very long time.  The worst part about this particular ticket is that I was as guilty as the day is long. I won't go into the details, I'll just say out of the five consecutive laws I broke, the final straw being cutting off the undercover officer that eventually slapped me with this black mark on my otherwise clean record, I had not even a crutch to lean on. I just politely told the officer I understand I am guilty, now please just give me the damn ticket. The good news was that  my bad luck came in three's... And as luck would have it, that ticket was number three of a very tiresome day.
So onto the good news... I don't know if I mentioned I had enrolled in real estate school. It has been a long time coming. In fact, a desire of mine for the last fifteen years. And I am very pleased to say that I finished all my classes. I took the state exam on Thursday, and apart from the sweating of bullets and the reading the same question five times in a row, I breezed through the whole thing. Although they don't give results... I am quite certain it was by the skin of my pretty, white teeth.

You know what that means ? I am a realtor! No more interior design. No more Jetblue. It is a funny thing how things in life just kind of happen the way they are suppose to.  I will still have design, perhaps a little here and there, But I am completely done with Jetblue. I am sad about that part... I will admit, today in relief society it hit me like a ton of bricks... Gone are the days that I can't just pack up and go to New York on a whim.  As I thought about it, my eyes watered a bit and I felt the ceiling crowding in on me... I thought I might suffocate. Indeed I really did dread the work of Jetblue, (I would spend more time trying to get out of my shift than I would had I just worked it...It really was that awful to me) It was a safety net and a comfort for me to know I had it... That safety net is gone and I have no other choice than to throw myself into the world of  real estate. That part is scary but at the same time,  kind of an exciting thought.

Real estate has always been such a passion for me, even when I wasn't in the market for houses I would still check out the MLS on a regular basis... Just to see what I was missing out on. I am so excited to help families find the homes that they were meant to have, investors find property they can make an income on... But I am mostly excited about walking through those fixer upper homes and helping my clients see all the potential those old bones hold. That part makes my blood pump a little bit faster. I think if I dedicate myself to this, I'll be good at it.  I'll make enough money that I can just pay for my own ticket on Jetblue without having to play the standby game. I hope sooner than later I may even be saying "Jet who?"

So here it goes! Wish me luck :)


Just Good Music

My brother and I were helping my dad build a good music list for his new Ipod. I was reminding him of all the songs he liked that I would play for him back when I was fourteen or so. The list included some 4 Non Blondes, Counting Crows, Smashing Pumpkins, Pennywise, Dire Straits (actually, he got me into them) and this beauty... Soul Asylum's Runaway Train. We would watch all of these together on MTV (back when MTV actually played music). He would get such a kick out of our music. It only seemed fitting... He introduced me to some of the best bands  from his time and I got to introduce him to some great bands of my time. 
This song brings back so many good feelings and memories for me. It was great in 1993 and its still great in 2012.