Happy Birthday Nadia!!!

A little background information:
My sweet little Nadia is a very busy girl these days. She fills her time with sewing, designing, crafting, creating or building things. Between that and homework and baking things with her best friend, she rarely has time to watch TV. However, whenever she has any down time she spends it watching The Cake Boss

The current information:
 So when it came time for Nadia to choose how she wanted to celebrate her big TEN, she reaaalllly wanted to check out Carlos Bakery (The Cake Boss) in Hoboken, New Jersey. So did we make it happen?... You bet your Sweet Sicilian Cannoli we did. We invited our dear friends Greta and Wendy to help her celebrate. A smashing time was had by all. 

Our first day there, we drove out to the Asharoken/Eatons neck area on Long Island. We stopped for breakfast at The Bagel Boss. (A true Kosher bagel shop) We made friends with Scott, who later brought out birthday cookies for the little girls to eat. You'll just have to take my word for it... They, along with their breakfast potatoes and soy sausages, were divine.

While on Long Island, we let the girls collect seashells on the beach. They loved it.

Huntington County... Forget about it. I could move there and live happily ever after.

Then the beautiful city herself. Of course you know I could live here.

This is Dylan's Candy Bar
Ralph Lauren's beautiful daughter's store. It is candy heaven... Can we talk about the dark chocolate salted caramels? WOW!!!

And saving the best for last... 
 While we were in line, we got the entire crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to Nadia... She was so shy she hid her face. I loved it!
Nadia got her own little mousse cake and I got THEEE best chocolate covered strawberries I have ever tasted.

What a wonderful way to celebrate my precious little Nadia. We had a great little birthday celebration!


Loving Loving Loving


Gettin' Cozy while the Cozy's Good

I want to wear this beauty

And snuggle into any of these...

 Mmm. I have to say there is nothing like fine linens. Climbing into a bed with luxurious sheets makes everything troublesome in your life just melt away.