Garrett wanted to visit New York. He had never been there
before and he wanted to see The Museum Of Natural History. Of course,
I was more than willing to accommodate him.

We took the red eye Monday night and arrived in JFK at 5 a.m. We had a few hours before the museum opened and we weren't sure what we were going to do. We met a guy on the airtrain who worked on Wall Street. He suggested we go with him so Garrett could see the financial district. He got to see the New York Stock Exchange and The Statue of Liberty. I was just enjoying the amazing architecture. (The financial district is my favorite part of the city as far as architecture goes...) After that we were suppose to head to the museum but we, I mean, I got sidetracked and had to stop over in Tribecca.

Then we headed to the museum.

The museum was great. We both enjoyed it! I have a million
pictures of everything we saw there but I don't want to bore you...

That is Central Park behind me, Garrett wasn't impressed...

Next we went to Time Square. What is a trip to Time Square
without a stop at the Hershey Store?

So we went all over. We went downtown, midtown, uptown and then back to midtown to get
authentic New York pie. It was great. I could definitely get used to these trips.

I was sad that the day had to end. Of course, I was thrilled
to see this on the subway heading back...

Is he irritated because it is time to go home or because if he sees the
camera one more time he is going to scream?

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