Long Beach

I took my mom and the two older kids to Huntington Beach yesterday. We had a blast. We took the eight a.m. flight to Long Beach and spent the whole day. We had the yummiest breakfast at a little cafe called The Omelet Inn. After wards, we kind of stumbled upon a t.v. set called The Unit. We got to meet the cast and talk to them. My mom was in heaven. I was happy because I got to meet the dude that played the president in 24. The Allstate guy, you know "are you in good hands...?" Then we went to the beach. The kids had a so much fun. Garrett prefers California over New York. He wants to move there. I can't say I blame him, it was so warm and sunny.
Although, I would still take NYC any day.

What a fun day! I think we all needed a little sunshine. Great food and great weather.

However, I would rather be eating this in that...

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