So Long Summer

Back to school, Already? Really? The summer is just getting started. If I remember right (and I rarely do) school didn't start for me until September. So, before I go on and on about the summer being over let me just say that I use to love going back to school. The school shopping, (I was on the news once giving a run down on what was in style, like I had any kind of clue...) the organizing of the folders,(ocd remember...) the annual awful perm and even getting the treats for school lunch... my mom would never make us eat hot lunch, that was for the under privileged kids whose parents didn't love them... I digress, we have had a lot of fun this summer. We have traveled all over and the kids have had some wonderful times. Also a lot of boring times, I am sure... I will give them that. Mostly we just chilled and enjoyed Tom being off work( he gets paid to be home in the summers.) So, here are some random pics of us just being us. Playing and livin it up. BTW, the highlight of our summer (besides the traveling) has been the parties at my parents house. My dad's "irrigation parties" have been a smash hit. Oh yeah, he moved to farm country and now he thinks he is a farmer... So cute Dad, I just love you. One more thing, My kids take hot lunch and I love them just as much as the "cold lunch parents" love their kids.

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