I would start by saying Liam broke his leg last week, but that would be giving false information. Brandon broke Liam's leg last week. There. Much more accurate. It all started with my mom insisting that my dad install a commercial grade playground in their backyard and because that simply was not enough, they had to put in a trampoline. I don't have a problem with playing on things, I am not one of those moms. You are talking to, or reading from... a woman who turns tricks on snowboards, lands crazy jumps and has plummeted herself out of an airplane, Alone. No tandem sissy business. And, would feed alligators... if I could. Point made? Marvelous. So, as I was saying, I don't mind letting kids do their thing, In fact I encourage scrapes and bumps. Can I just say though, I hate tramps. (Both kinds.)

Brandon is probably the best uncle in the world. (He feels terrible, btw) He was just out there jumping with Liam and Vivian (very innocently, I am sure...) when snap, there goes little Li's leg. Tibia Fracture. No good. So now, as if I am not overwhelmed enough, I have a sad little boy who can not walk on his leg for six, that's six... weeks. He is such a sweet little patient though. He never complains or even gets discouraged. He always has a smile on his sweet little face. I carry him everywhere. Would it be the most horrible thing in the world to say that I enjoy when my kids are hurt or sick because it is the only time they cuddle with me? I know... so selfish. Liam doesn't have a choice. Now I get to hold him whenever I want and there is nothing he can do about it. Well, at least not for six weeks.

Don't let the smile fool you. He is drugged.

Brandon appropriately signed the cast "Brandon the Breaker".
Liam thinks it to be the funniest thing in the world.

If you look, you can see where all three of The X96 Radio
from Hell DJ's signed. They love Liam.

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