Apparently, I have been too wrapped up in my floor.
by Lyndsey ercanbrack.
So I was at my sister's house today and I was lodging a full load of house complaints. To start, my framer didn't get the load bearing wall changed the way I wanted him to... Yes, my fault. I changed my mind at the last minute. My windows are not ordered because I can't make a decision on the color or style. I am having major anxiety about the main hall off the foyer. Do I want a niche? ...Do I not? Is the powder room too big? What about adding a wall near the kitchen? ... Yea or nay? Oh, my pre cast pillars? Funny you should ask... Forget about them. The worst part about this whole situation? This is all stuff that I should have had figured out BEFORE we started framing. What have I been doing to not have all of these unknowns, known? Well, when my sister asked me that very same question, my sad and confused answer was "I have been too wrapped up in my floor."
My problem is simple. I have too many options and I know it. I am truly the worst interior design client I have ever dealt with! I am my own worst client nightmare! I just need to man up, forget about making changes, stick with the original plan and abort all new ideas that pop into my clever, little trouble- making head. Ignore that astute little voice that is constantly tempting me with brilliant, foxy ideas that do nothing but get me into trouble.
Now don't get me wrong. I am loving every minute of doing this. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Being my own G.C. is empowering and impelling! I don't have to count on anyone but me. If something goes awry, I have no one else to damn... Wait, maybe I don't like this after all...

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