17 things I can't live with.
Or Can but would prefer
Or can... but would prefer not to..
.By Lyndsey ercanbrack
1. Any t.v. show on the CW, i.e. Gossip Girl, One tree Hill, Melrose Place, BH 90210 (All trash)
2. Most reality t.v. shows and the "stars" that we are subject to hear about where ever we go
3. Rush Limbaugh (I know this is a list of things, not people, but tools are things)
4. People that hate Obama for *NO REASON*
5. Moms in huge SUV's with one child
6. People that don't say "thank you" at the drive through
7. Ants (not to be mistaken for Aunts)
8. Entitlement
9. Litter bugs (and people too)
10. Slow drivers / oblivious drivers
11. Mean children
12. Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny, WTF?
13. Messes
14. Poor hygiene
15. Greed
16. Mice
17. Anything with Seth Rogen

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