So I decided to go to Salt lake for the biggest challenge of my home building process: To find the right wallpaper for my powder room. Of course, because I was having  the worst day of my life, when I got up there, I realized I had left my pocketbook sitting on the couch. Probably watching the television that I  assume I forgot to turn off. So being moneyless I figured I could call my dad since he works right downtown and get some money from him.  BUT, because this day was a complete bust, he had taken off work and was sitting at home enjoying the day with my mom. I think it was then when  I broke down. He convinced me to get Tom out of work and join him and  the rest of  my family  in Park City at the Sundance Film Festival. It really didn't take much convincing, due to the state I was in. Of course I would go. ( I would go anyway, I love these sort of things) So, I rushed home and tried  to make myself as presentable as I could.

That's when my horrible day was over and my amazing night began.
First, we  went to an art gallery where we got to meet an amazing artist, sample the most yummy tea's and enjoy live music. Then just to stay warm we had dinner early, the snow was dumping! We were all soaking wet.

Wow, this story is taking longer than most. So I will get to the point.

I went to an amazing VIP party. They were serving the best food, free drinks at the bar ( No, I didn't take advantage of that) and the coolest scenery. However, I didn't get to stay for very long because we had tickets to see the premiere of Splice, the most anticipated movie at Sundance... Starring one of my all time favorites... Adrien (with an "e") Brody! Wow!  I love him! You also have to know how much I love independent films, so of course, I was  in heaven. The fact that one of my favorites was starring in it was only icing on the cake. So, again to make a long story short... (I KNOW, too late) I ended up with Mr. Brody in his private waiting room with just him, Sarah Polley and his manager. I sat on the couch right next to him just talking. Yes, a dream come true for me. Of course, I had to break his heart and leave him with only a picture. Poor guy, I think he'll get over me eventually...  The funnest part was the premiere of the movie. All the actors were there watching it in the theater with us. Then in the usual Sundance fashion, we had a Q and A with The director, Adrien and Sarah. 

What a fun night for us. We didn't get home til after 4 in the morning. Thanks to my amazing dad for letting us tag along. The parties, the movies, the stars, all a good way to forget your troubles.


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