Car Talk

Sorry, this is not going to be as exciting as NPR's car talk... I can asure you of that. Just close your eyes and pretend this is being read to you in a male, South Bostonian accent.

The time has come to start looking for a new vehicle for me. I have done my very best with my current car, but  I can take it no longer... I tried to fit into a mold that I can't and won't ever fit into. It's true, all of the thousands of people that tell me I don't look like a minivan type of girl... I AGREE!  However,  I begged Tom to let me buy it,  I WANTED to be a minivan girl. He warned me if  I bought it, I would have to keep it for a while. It was fun and it's very convenient but enough is enough. I am over it and ready to get back to something that is more my style. What is my style you ask? Well, my heart will always belong toVolvo. I will take the XC90 please. However, because we (Tom) have a no debt policy, I am not sure I can justify all that money on a car. So, I don't quite know what to do. I can't settle, I would rather just go without. And, I may end up having to do just that. This looks like the perfect being stuck between a rock and a hard place situation. Oh, and on top of all this did I happen to mention we just paid for a new home?... And all that furniture... and those new Ugg boots of mine... and it's  almost time for my Dulce and Gabbana bag to go into retirement, that's going to mean a trip to New York for my new spring pocketbook... Is a new car really worth going without all the little things? I guess writing this has left me with more questions than I started with.

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