To all of my very generous readers,

In case you are unaware of the realness going down in Haiti, the death toll has swelled to over  200,000 people. Those are parents, children, brothers and sisters. 300,000 injured. At least 4,000 amputations have been carried out (that includes children). 250,000 homes have  been destroyed and 30,000 businesses lost.

We can help. Even if you only have 10 dollars to give, please give it. It is the right thing to do. Tom and I  visited Haiti a few years ago, the people there were  lovely, kind and  generous. Now they are suffering and lost. Please donate to any reputable charity. If you don't know of any, here is a link. Let's do what we can to help these precious children and their families get back on their feet.

I know us. We are benevolent, honest, unsparing and kind.
And we will do the right thing.

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