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Responsibility, What's that?
 BY Lyndsey ercanbrack
Today I kept all my kids home from school. I call it their "Get out of jail free card". I have to shamefully admit that I  love keeping them home from school. I would prefer them all be elementary school drop outs. Of course, that would be my selfish side talking and thank heavens for them, I can see that may not be so helpful to their futures.

Yesterday they watched The Goonies for the first time. Have I completely failed as a mom? When I was growing up we watched that quality film  everyday until my parents went out of town and left my grandma in charge. We were doing our usual thing, watching the movie, when the naked statue part came on. My sweet and old fashioned, yet totally hip and modern (that's a different story) grandma came into the room. That was the last time I ever watched that movie...  Until yesterday. The kids loved it. They laughed at all the same parts we use to laugh at.  Was it the most appropriate movie I could have shown them?

                  Yes. Definitely. 

Ok.   No.   Probably not.   But I turned out ok...?  Hmm, maybe they shouldn't have watched it after all.

 Back to the story at hand...  Today, we are going to have a great holiday. First, we are going to clean. Then go grocery shopping. Then go to the new house so I can keep my painters and my cabinet guys from killing each other. Then go to the  Fabric store and find the perfect shantung silk for the drapes in my living room. Then go to Nordstrom so I can pick up that beautiful dress and fur coat I knew I should have bought yesterday. Then come home and clean some more. Then go eat at Texas Roadhouse. Then go to Remedies spa and have facials, chocolate massages and coconut cream pedicures. Then come home and watch Grey Gardens. Then... Oh wait, this was suppose to be THEIR  holiday? Ok, then we'll  skip all that and just go to Joe's Crab Shack and call it a day.
If anyone needs tips on how to be a good mom...

I'll give you my sister's  number.

Actually, I think I'm doing an ok job... because...  they  are perfect.

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