My inspiration.
A little of this. A lot of that.

Perfect example of taking very traditional bones and kicking
 it up with modern furnishings. Great juxtaposition.

Traditional bones blended with contemporary colors. Love it!
(My living room is very similar.)

You can't go wrong with replacing upper cabinets with the
classic look of subway tile. Gives a very commercial feel. I love it
with the rough hewn lumber.

So timeless.

So romantic.

So perfect.
Are you noticing a trend?
(Traditional with a contemporary kick.)
By the look of the herringbone floors and ceiling height, I'm guessing
 Parisian apartment, circa 1890. I am in love with this
style. This is the very idea I fashioned my home after.

Who wouldn't want these yiddle sheepy's in their family room?
Oh, and great use of color. I am having a green sofa just like this one
being made right now.

Love, Love, Love this.
Shades of white with a punch of blue. So voguish.

Great archictural interest, I would rather have
small rooms (not that this one is small) with high ceilings than
large rooms with low ceilings. Any bloody day.

I love these balloon shades. The colors are stunning.
Very smart to pair them with this lovely damask wallpaper.
*I don't have a pink room, but I wouldn't mind one.*

H mm, why does this very traditional room look contemporary?
Have I taught you nothing my young padawans?
Very good, the color! This is my color scheme.

Now that we have the interiors straightened out,
Mandy can start designing my landscape...

I want this.

And this.

And this.

Am I asking too much?

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