I have always loved to write

The other day my mom brought me a very special treat. It was a box full of stories, art and self evaluations from my childhood. I have only looked at a few things... This story was one of them.
(There was  quite a bit of foresight to how I feel about my life in this little story.)

Keep in mind, I am going to type it word for word.  Grammatical errors, mispelling and all.


By Lyndsey valerga

There once was a girl who was so pretty, she won every Miss Utah Pageant in the world. Her name was Jessica. She had red hair and green, green eyes. and rosy cheeks. She had a brother named Jeff. He had a skateboard. He could win every contest. One day, they were eating steak and potatoes at the dinner table with there mom and dad. They were very poor and one day, a mean lady knocked at there wooden door and no one would answer the door. So she opened the door and said "I am here to take away the thing your the best at" she said to Jessica "What do you like to do the best"?. Jessica said " I win all the Miss Utah Pageants in the world." So the witch said "come here young lady and stand steele." So Jessica went to the mean lady and she stayed steele. and she said "what are you doing to me?" I am going to take away your prettyness. and she did. Next she said Come here young man. By the way, whats your kids name. Jeff said my name is Jeff and Jessica  said my name is Jessica. After that he walked over to the mean lady and she said what are you best at? And Jeff sayed  I can ride my skateboard. She said bring it to me in ten seconds and she looked at her watch and said go run along. He was so scard he ran almost as fast as a squirll could run. and he got back in five seconds! And he gave the skateboard to the mean lady and the mean lady said let me have that and he said no and the mean lady slapped him. And she said  "now give that to me without saying one word" so he gave the skateboard to the lady and she threw it out the window. and the mean lady said to the mom, come here old lady and old man and get into my carriage. now get, scram, shoe, beat it. when they got in her carriage she said get in the back. When they got to the witches castle the witch said gards take them to the dungen with the rest of the old people.  So the gards did! And Jeff and Jessica started to cry and cry and cry until there eyes got really red and there noses started running and other stuff like that intil one day when Jessica went outside, she saw the castle and she went inside to get Jeff and when she told Jeff there was a castle they thought that there mom and dad must be in there. So they tried to find there way to the castle and on there way there, they new all the other kids moms and dads got taken away from them. So on there way they went house to house picking up the other kids from there house so every kid went with them on there way they saw a house on fire a train and stuff like that. They walked 30 miles and they finally saw the castle. They ran the rest of the way. They saw the gate to the  castle. They climbed the gates. They opened the door. Bats flew out. The alarm went off. They went to hide and the fell into a secret door that no one ever new about and they fell into a basement. They heard people screaming and they found there moms and dads. And for the bad the things the mean lady did she went and lived in a small little garage and Jessica got her prettyness back. Jeff got his skateboard back and all the other kids got there stuff back.
Each family got a manchion and they lived happily ever after.

 The red hair and green eyes, the steak and potatoes, the "prettyness",  the skateboard and no one wanting to answer the door...
While all of that is definitely me, the shoo-in guarantee that this story was written by yours truly was  the fact that after all the horrible things this mean woman did, the worst punishment in the whole world for her evilness was being forced to live in a garage.  The death penalty couldn't have been worse. Oh, and after all that suffering, Jessica and her family finally got to live in a "manchion".

Thanks Mom. I love you!

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