Two thumbs

Well, it has definitely been a while since I have given my humble opinion on movies... and you should know by now that I am quite a movie buff. Of course, I could talk about this year's most talked about movie, Avatar (I know, it came out last year... forgive me for being behind) but I figured I would instead talk about a good movie.

Well, let's actually talk a little bit about Avatar. (I just saw it last week ) In fact, let's talk about all the dumb movies that I have and haven't even bothered to see.

So Brandon was asking me the other day about Avatar. When I told him how lame I thought it was, he was shocked... (not really, he thinks I need a movie intervention) I reminded him how I prefer creative movies. His response? " How can you get more creative than that? The scenery, the money spent on that movie, the time that went into it...How beautiful it was just to watch..." yadayadayada.  I told him the same thing  I told everyone else, I called that movie two minutes in. I knew exactly what was going to happen down to the annoying pilot that helps them. How can I watch a movie that is so predictable? And as far as the beauty of the film goes, if I want to look at something beautiful, I'll just look in a mirror. thank you. very. much.

Oh, and by the way blue people, be prepared to have a  ten thousand times bigger battle when they send more soldiers with bigger, more powerful weapons. So you really think you won and they won't come back?

(Please bless they don't so that I am not subject to a sequel.)

The other movies that look just so awful and predictable? Let's start with ANYTHING that stars Jennifer Aniston. I don't even need to see the previews to know what and how that movie plays out. The other ones? Sandra Bullock (with the exception of The Blind Side) and Jennifer Lopez. Please kill me now. If I want to be annoyed, I will just have someone scratch the same square inch of my arm for three hours. At least that way, I can save myself the $7.50. The suckers that find their humor, humorous is just unfathomable to me.  None of those women have ever even made me crack a smile. Well, that is not true... I have to give Jennifer Aniston some credit. She was amazing in The Good Girl. But her being in that movie was an absolute fluke...She must have accepted that role without reading the script.

My time is running short, so I would and could go on for hours about these (and several others, and that's not even what  I wanted to talk about) but I have a precious little girls room to design. 

I will just take a second though, to highlight my favorite pick of the year.

Kick Ass.

Truly it was

Kick Ass.

Enjoy the show.

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