This is the skateboard Garrett has requested for his birthday. I think it is very clever. Have I mentioned what an awesome skateboarder he has become? Tom has built a skate park in our basement, (let's hear it for my insistence on high ceilings) which I was all for... until every boy within a fifteen mile radius found out about it, and now there is no peace at our house. Boys are there from nine  AM til midnight. (I complain, but you know I love a house full of kids.) So let the summer games begin. Smelly, sweaty boys that are going through a case of Gatorade a day, little princesses running around changing outfits twelve times a day... The grocery bill has tripled... (I think... ask Tom, he does the grocery shopping) The laundry has quadrupled and I am in heaven. Oh how I have missed no school... Now I just need to get rid of this bloody sun and get some rain going and I'd be as my sister said yesterday, "As happy as tic in a trailer park" 

I'm not sure why a tic would be happy there, but that's for another time.

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