Drinks are on me!

If you and I have ever had a conversation, you  know that I am a bit beset (infatuated, engrossed, bedeviled) with my Vita Mix. I am like the Mac owner. (my product is perfect and can do no wrong, having my Mac makes me the smartest, most astute and powerful  individual on my block...)  Just like them, I talk about it all the time.Only no one really knows why I talk about it, it's just a blender. (Call it "just a blender" in some circles and they are likely to skin you alive...perhaps because they now have no need to skin anything else) The fact that it can make  hot soup and ice cream is just the coolest thing ever. And of course there is no need to ever skin or de-core anything again.

Every morning I make two smoothies. One for the children and one for me. And after eight years,  I am proud to report  Tom is starting to warm up to the idea.

Here is the kids - Keep in mind there is no science to this, just add what you feel like adding and as much as you want to add. I mix it up everyday but this is generally how it goes.

2 -3 big handfuls of baby spinach. it blends into hardly anything and is tasteless, so the more the better
1 handful of kale. go easy on this at first because it has a strong taste
1 handful of collard greens/ spring greens/  saisai/ cabbage/ whatever you have. (the darker and leafier, the better)
1-2 sticks of celery. it gives off a weird taste, so start with less at first
carrot sticks. adds sweetness
1 frozen mango, skin and all.
sprouts. any kind.
1 banana. it helps mask the taste of the not so yummy veggies
pour as many frozen berries as you have room for
add 100% pure juice or water
no need to add ice, the frozen berries makes it cold, thick and delish!

Bad example, this particular pic has more berries 
because I was running low on my greens

Mine may not look as yummy as the kids...ok, it doesn't taste as yummy either, but as you drink all the veggies your body starts to crave sweet things less and less. Until you really don't need any fruit in it at all.

Mine is the same as the kids except instead of the fruit,  I add more sprouts and leafies. I also add ice because I usually don't have any frozen berries in it. This day being the exception, because  as I  mentioned,  I was running low on veggies.

Look at that, 44 oz of pure goodness.

And that's just breakfast! Imagine what it can do for dinner...

Oh... I have a Mac, and it truly does make me the smartest, most astute and powerful individual on the block. 

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