So Far...So Summer

Bonjour!  I have been wanting to post some pictures of the family since it's been a while since I have done so.  However, I can't figure out how to post them in any kind of harmony. My OCD kicks in and won't let me just put them up.Not that we have been doing anything super exciting, (the real fun will begin in mid July) but we have had some good times...


So far the highlight has been Seinfeld. We all went  for Mandy's birthday.  We have seen him before but our seats weren't real great, so this time we had the best seats in the house. Jerry puts on quite a show, so that was a super great time.
We took  the kids to Park City Resort. That was super fun. We did everything they had to offer. It was great just to chill out and spend some time with the kids.
We hang out in Midway  at Tom's Parent's house where we swim and play a lot of ping pong.
We have been taking the kids to see every movie that comes out, even Robin hood, which was a stretch... (and an awful one at that.) 
As you know, Tom has his summers off, so we get to spend a lot of time with him, he and the children go on hikes, camp, roast hot dogs and play at the park all the time. I am sad I am not able to always be there, but last time Nadia and Liam told me when they went on a bbq in the mountains with daddy, there were so many ants there I would have died... and died, I would have...and  I wouldn't have been able to eat...and  Tom would have been impatient with me for insisting we find another spot...and the kids would've been starving by the time we found somewhere suitable...and the drinks would've gotten warm...and the ice would've melted...and I would've been trying to convince everyone that ants are treacherous little creatures...and the kids would be crying because we would've left the chocolate for the s'mores at the last bbq spot...and  it probably would have caused and argument... so that's one scene I am glad to have avoided.


I don't believe I have cooked one meal thanks to In N Out and Zupas and Texas and Outback and the Smoking Apple and that new Italian (Cafe Rio style) place in Orem and that wretched place in Provo that serves barbecue and Chinese in the same venue... if that wasn't enough to make you want to throw up... oh wait, Nadia did... throw up,  I don't recommend that place...oh, I can't forget Lone Star in SLC, it's a little Mexican restaurant, not to be confused with Lone Star Steakhouse which is also quite delicious... So I guess it wouldn't be that bad if you did get them mixed up... it would work out either way.


Hardly. I swear we are not going to bed until two AM every night and yet, I still get up at seven AM every morning...  This girl needs her sleep. No wonder everyone is walking on eggshells around me... huh.


In summary,  before I get too carried away with a bunch of things that is really not that exciting (too late) I will end my post with a wow, I think we eat out too much. Dad,  you were right... While I was busying myself with  decorating  my fort, remodeling  my room or space planning the garage,  I probably should have been in the kitchen helping mom cook.

And just so we're clear

Ants are treacherous little creatures.

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