It's a funny thing...
How beastly I am in the kitchen. I can't seem to cook, bake, prepare, boil, heat up, or toss  anything. I have even been a student in some pretty awesome classes with some pretty top chefs. I think I can get it, but then I come home to prepare it and it flops. Every. Time.  Bless my sweet husband, he continues to encourage me, but I continue to suck. 

I can make the most delicious enchiladas in the world. Give me twenty minutes in the kitchen and I will give you an enchilada you will never forget. I have had even the most persnickety taste buds tell me so. Funny...  I'm  white and the only thing  I can manage to cook is an enchilada. Race is silly... It should be decided, not on the color of one's skin, but on how well they can make Mexican food.

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