Does getting old ever scare you? It never did me. In fact... I always wanted to be forty. I know, I know, forty is not old... but when you are eighteen, it is pretty ancient. Now that I am thirty two and leaning more toward the thirty three mark, I am realizing getting old may not be all it's cracked up to be. (Oh, it never was cracked up to be anything?) 

Precious Grandma Elaine used to say that she would forget she was old... Her mind would beg her to go out everyday and work in the garden or go for a long bike ride. Grandma Rode her bike at least a few miles every  morning until the day she died. And if you ever saw her legs, you would believe it... She would say it was  almost startling for her to look in the mirror sometimes because she would forget she was not a young woman anymore. She was still so young at heart. I loved hearing stories about what a spit fire she was... (Her and I were the only red heads in the entire family.) My beautiful and oh so stylish Grandma was married to a very humble farmer and bishop. One day while out shopping, she fell in love with a sultry red dress and hat to match. My very sweet grandpa forbid her from buying it. He said it was too flashy and not appropriate for a farmer's wife or the wife of a bishop. She bought it anyway and wore it out with him. While I am sure she looked stunning, (her skinny but very curvy body matched her legs) Grandpa refused to walk next to her. She was sassy like that. I never met my Grandpa, he died before I was born. My grandma remained single the rest of her life. I would ask her why she never remarried and her answer was always the same, " Because I am already married dear, why would I want to take on someone I wouldn't love as much?" She really was an amazing woman. The best seamstress, baker, farmer (she took on the farm after Grandpa died) and comforter around.

I love and miss you so much Grandma.


Foureyedlegend said...

What a wonderful picture to accompany this post. Sometimes I wonder how old people will differ in the future from our current ones. Will they be listening to the National and not Bach?

lyndsey said...

Good Question... I kinda hope so :)