New Segment

Tonight I sat down to order some material for a client. Somehow (I know exactly how) I ended up looking at French homes and architecture. Which has absolutely nothing to do with my client's not even close to French style house. (I have warned you several times...I am a bit of a procrastinator) I started dreaming of a beautiful French home and I realized I will never be able to pin down my preferred style. If I were to build a French style (more specifically Parisian) I would long for contemporary. If I had contemporary, I would dream of  federal style. If I had a federal style I would fantasize about Gothic revival...Wait... Nope, I wouldn't ever dream of that style. I don't even like that style. You get the point, moving on. Some of these pictures were just to beautiful to pass over and never look back on, so I have decided to feature them all in a segment I like to call:

Today, I want to live here
I will have my own little motor court. My shutters will be
this exact color. This exterior is absolutely perfect.

This will be my entry. I am so in love with the white walls.
Don't foget to notice the black walls... Oh and the
lovely  mirror in the entry? Look familiar?

I can't believe I'm going to have a fireplace in my dining room.
I love everything about this space. I already have the table.
 I'm half way there.

This precast mantle and fireplace will look smashing in
my French living room. Love the accessories.
I will take them all, please.
I can't decide between the chevron and the herringbone.
This is definitely going to be the hold up.
I started that plan about an hour ago and I'm already thinking of moving into this beauty.

Wait till you see how I decorate the inside ;)


belges101 said...

Ok so I want to come and live here. I am so in love with French country (ok, mixed with modern which may not come out too well). I spent many a day on my mission dreaming over homes just like these.)

lyndsey said...

I think it would come out beautifully. I love mixing styles!