First Pet (kinda)

I saw this picture and it reminded me of a turning point in my young life.

One day Brody and I found a lost puppy. Or at least, we think he was lost...  We weren't really interested in the details, we just anxiously assumed he was lost and hungry and scared. We couldn't just  leave him there, could we? We quickly snatched him up and brought him back to our home and hid him nice and safe where no one would notice him. When my parents arrived home later that night, it didn't take much for them to realize we were stashing an animal of some sort. We begged and begged them to let our new found bff live with us forever. Of course, my parents weren't having any of it. We had to post signs and advertise for a lost dog. We did an awful job making signs, we may have even put the wrong phone number down on a few fliers... We didn't know how long we were going to have him, we just knew we were going to enjoy that puppy for every minute and ever day we possibly could. We took him to the park, we camped outside with him, we fed him the best treats we could get our hands on, and we loved him more than anyone could ever love a puppy.

Sadly, we only got to keep him for about a week. To our dismay, his owner eventually saw our sorry excuse for a poster and called us. When Amy came to claim him, we cried. She could see how much we loved her dog and was grateful he was being taken care of by children who loved him so much.  She told us all about him. Starting with the fact that he was a she. Her name was Kirby and she was not a puppy, she was a full grown five year old. She was just a small dog (pictured above). We heard some stories of Kirby's puppyhood and we all laughed.  Amy told us how she couldn't sleep at night not knowing where Kirby  was. As Amy talked about her, I was glad she found her. Clearly, she loved her dog as much as we did and  that brought me some comfort. We were promised we could visit Kirby whenever we wanted and then she loaded her up and they were gone. My heart felt crushed. I knew I would never see her again. 

 I cried that night. I know Brody did too. That was the first time my little heart got broken. It was the first time I felt the loss for something I loved so much. That was a hard time for us. Having found something we could love, that we knew loved us just as much. Then having to let her go. My dad convinced us it was for the best. We were not equipped to raise a dog and even though Kirby loved us, she had a history with her owner and she loved her too. She would be happy. And we would be okay  knowing that.

We never did see Kirby again.

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