trou·ble·mak·er (trbl-mkr)

One that stirs up trouble or strife, especially between people.

Every  family has one. Call it what you will...The mischief maker, the bad hat, the tormentor, the agitator, the disturber of peace... I indignantly refer to our little trouble maker as the hell hound. Every morning, Every! Morning! Without fail our hell hound is at it again. Fights breaking out left and right at breakfast time.  Arguments erupting constantly, reducing the children to tears. We can't go one meal without an onslaught.  I  have finally decided to step up and take care of our  "little problem" once and for all. Who needs it? The headaches. The screams. The tears. Our family will be better off  if we just deep-six our little trouble maker all together.  The sad thing is, individually, she was really good to us. It's just when we come together as a  group that things turn violent. Being without her will  be an adjustment for everyone, but hopefully we (and the children especially) will be able to move on and look back on  this last picture and remember  the good times we had when we were alone with her. 

So good bye forever seashell spoon! There will be peace at our table at last! You will no longer hold power over my children. No longer will you be in the hands of Vivian as you stare down and taunt Liam, seducing him with your seashell style ways. No longer will Nadia get to slowly lick her mashed potatoes off of you as Vivian screams out of control that her sister is showing off. Nope! From here on out every man, woman and child will be eating from the same style spoon. And it will be glorious.

Pity. If you had only been sent as a set, perhaps your fate could have ended differently... Go seashell spoon, set my children free from your beguiling grasp...Your time of tormenting my family is up.

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