...And I never even knew

This year I have been asked to be the governing voice of  costumes for our ward road show. For those that are not "in the know" on what exactly a Mormon road show is, it is a combined effort of about 60 youth between the ages of 12 and 18. They put on parodies or sketches that are always super cheesy and usually quite funny. In one of our skits we are spoofing the Old Spice commercial. I have seen these commercials before and found them somewhat entertaining but never really payed very close attention to them. Since I am now in charge of wardrobe, if you will, I went to look up this clever ad online. I was frustrated because I wasn't sure if I was looking up the right one. I haven't even seen our version of it, so I don't quite know what we are even going for. I was ready to give up! Throw in the towel and never look back! Then I found this on Youtube and it was almost as if...He were speaking to me.

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