Happy Birthday Liam Thomas

For Liam's kindergarten class, he and Tom made an "All about Me" poster. He listed
all of the things he loves and the one thing he doesn't love. It went something like this...
  • Favorite food- Pizza pasta (An amalgamation Tom created)
  • Favorite place- Pizza Pie Cafe
  • Favorite interest- Skateboarding
  • Favorite toy- Wii
  • Favorite song- Weezer's Put Me Back Together and Damien Rice's Cold water
  • Favorite friend- August
  • Favorite drink- Dr. Pepper (He says that, he's has never had it before.) He usually requests water
  • Favorite show- Tom and Jerry
  • Least favorite thing- Pickles
Liam is a very strong, self sufficient individual. Especially this last year. He is not even into kissing Mommy anymore. I can't even ask these days... In fact I am lucky to even get a hug sometimes. I think most of it is an act. As I have mentioned before, this little boy wears his heart on his sleeve. He is the most tender little child ever. He gets his feelings hurt easily and is sensitive to others that are going through hard times. On that same note, he can make me laugh harder than anyone else.

We Love You Lili Tommy. Happy 6th Birthday!!!

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