I Have A Plan    

My birthday is coming up and normally we would celebrate by taking a little vacation. Tom gave me the choice this year to pick between a vacation (I had picked Costa Rica) or some money to decorate one room in my home. It was a really hard decision for me... Normally, my final answer would be... I can't pick between them so... I choose both. After all, my birthday only comes around once a year. However, this year money seems to be tighter than the normal "tight" so I really did have to make a choice. Although  the memories of a vacation would normally last a lifetime, my memory seems to be failing. So I probably wouldn't remember it anyway.  If I choose a room in my home, I will be reminded every time I walk in there, so I chose to do my foyer. And front hall. And living room. (I consider it one room)

 Here is what I am dealing with:

Keep in mind, nothing in my house has been placed.The rug down the hall was simply put there to keep the dust down.The mirror at the end of the hall was set there because that's where my brother put it when we were moving in.(Notice my two carpet samples, starting to get excited!)

I'll probably keep this mirror where it is. As far as my ten dollars for three chairs on the right, they will be revamped and moved to another room. The Louis XV sofa? H mm...That's a good question.

This Bombay chest was put here by default. It has been there for about a year and I have never moved it. I don't even know what is on top of it... I think the kids put this stuff here. Good for them... At least someone in the house was being proactive with the decor. Then there is the carrera marble inlay. I need a rug, but hate to cover that up. For some reason, that hot pink bathroom rug just isn't working.

The Design plan

I want to start with this fab rug from Dwell Studio for my entry.

I like this for my color scheme.

But will most likely be doing this color scheme...

When we were building this house, I found a table very similar to this one, I bought it and have been waiting to put it in the foyer in place of the Bombay chest. Of course, mine doesn't come with the champagne on ice.

This will be similar to my photo gallery down my alluringly verbose hall. 

So there you have it! A very elementary plan of what (perhaps) is to come. Although these ideas are  not too lofty, I won't be holding my breath... And you shouldn't either.

These other photos have nothing to do with my entry. They are strictly for your viewing pleasure.


sunderlage family said...

MMMM YUMMY I like those too! Go for it. Can I have the one with the black door with the glass and the shiny floors whatever they are. Also the one with the bike.

lyndsey said...

I know. I totally want the one with the bike. I love that one. I also kinda dig the one with the pink couch.