I Love Me Some Scrabble

Since I was a young girl, I loved the game of Scrabble. Every Sunday after our plentiful and always delicious dinner, we would gather around the table and play Scrabble as a family. I would beg my dad to join us... his first answer was always the same "No dear. I don't do board games." But he always gave in... How could he not? So we would play for hours. I never want to think of myself as competitive, but during Scrabble, I fear I am extremely competitive (especially playing against Brody)... Give me seven letters and I will give you the world.

So what could possibly be cooler than scrabble?
Fancy font Scrabble!!! (Ooh, I hope they call it that!)

It isn't in production yet, but if  you go to Andrew Capener's website and sign up, it will increase the chances of this cool typography version getting made. I think you should... because I remember when my mom bought us the "Deluxe Edition"  when I was a senior in highschool. It changed my life forever... Just think  for a moment, if the "Deluxe Edition" rocked my world, imagine what "Fancy Font" Scrabble will do!

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