I Will Do Anything For Love But I Wont Do That

For the last year, "grey mauve" has been trying very hard to make a comeback. It has been seen with yellow, brown, green, black, grey and now the latest, this turquoise.  I finally understand why my mom swore she would never do avocado green and mustard yellow. Again. As long as she lived.

These pictures have been floating around design blogs for the past few weeks. Either I am losing my eye sight or everyone else is crazy... THIS DOES NOT LOOK GOOD!

 This looks like one of TLC's "Trading Spaces" rooms.

 I do love these walls. 
But unfortunately these furnishings are not part of the "before Pic".

I guess they figured, if they are going to keep the nineteen ninety carpet, 
they may as well keep the furniture.

 Fans of this comeback refer to this color as "grey mauve" I call it what it is, early nineties dusty rose.  Call it what you will, just please don't call it back.  I remember when I was in elementary school, we had just moved and my mom hired an interior designer to take care of our new home. Her name was Cherry, and she was straight up one of the tackiest people I had ever met.  She filled every corner of our house with dusty rose. I tried to tell my mom her designer must be drunk, but she didn't listen. Even our dishes had little dusty rose flowers on them.  I can't look at that color without wanting to regurgitate a little. 

And while I not only appreciate, but encourage fashion forward design, I can not and will not get on board with this trend. So people of the design world, please try to remember...  it didn't look good then, and it certainly doesn't look good now.

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Adam and Brittany said...

I thought the same thing when I saw these photos. It reminded me of my grandma's one room condo with blue velvet chairs and orange shag carpet. Barf.