Design Trend For The Birds

Although,  I never got on board with the mid century bird silhouette perched on a bare branch  redesigned and modernized to be one of the biggest design trends, I appreciated it. Dwell Studio, Thomas Paul, K-studio and Anthropologie, to name a few,  all very clever in there designs and it was fun and fresh. But can we please be over it already? Cartoon like bird silhouettes  are everywhere... From Plush Pod to Etsy and everywhere in between.

Is it me or does it seem like once the people of Etsy get a hold of a trend, they beat it like a dead horse?  It's like when we see a fashion trend start. Let's take big pocket jeans for example, (UGH) they are cool, new and cutting edge. Avant-garde boutiques start carrying them and we see a few select people wearing these fashion forward articles and some think, "Cool, something different." While others think "Yikes, what is that woman wearing? The Gap hasn't told me this fashion is in yet, so until they do, I'm not going anywhere near that style!" So then a year or so later, we start seeing this fashion trend pop up in stores all over the mall. The general public decides this is a really hip new fashion and they are going to be right on top of that wave. So now most of the world is wearing these big pocket jeans...whether they like them or not. (I say this because I was at Nordstrom and these women asked the sales girl if they carried jeans "with heavy threading and fancy pockets". When they were trying them on, none flattered this one woman, instead of trying to find some that worked for her, what did she do? She bought them right there on the spot.) So a  few short months later, we start seeing them in big bargain stores, Old Navy and then Wal Mart gets wind of this knowing very trendy fashion movement, they come up with their own version and at  that point we can't escape this snowballing has-been trend. Once you spot junior high kids wearing them, it's time to consider something else... Then you bloody well know you're over it  once you witness the forty something  Escalade driving, Juicy couture matching velour sweatsuit sporting, Bejeweled Kathy Van Zeeland satchel toting,  fake nailed, orangish skinned woman wearing them. (Too specific?)

I'm suddenly craving a cheese sandwich.
Extra cheese, minus the bread.

This is being praised in blogs across America.
I think they got this idea off Dumbo.

While some would say "Oh look how creative and cute!" 
I say "Does the owner of Twitter live here?"

At least there is no Single branch involved. 
Instead, just weird circle bubbles.

 Rock Bottom.

Portlandia. A new favorite on IFC. This scene may have sealed the deal.

Because I am not a proud woman, I will admit I did at one point  find this 
needlepoint aubusson pillow from Anthropologie quite lovely. (And I still do)

*Please do not mistake this as me saying once things become affordable and are available to the general public, they are well beyond trend setting and are now just trendy. No, You can be an absolute front-runner in both  interior design and in fashion design and maintain a small budget. The key is thinking for yourself an going out on a limb (Pun totally intended) and following what you love and nothing else.  I feel some of my best design jobs were accomplished while holding to a tight budget. And contrary to popular belief,  some of my favorite articles of clothing come from major discount clothing stores.  

**Also Please note,  I Think women in their forties and beyond are some of the most beautiful women on this earth. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with the history, knowledge and heart that comes with age.  (...As long as they stay away from fake tanners and act their age.)


Alison said...

hey girl, it's alison lacey! found your blog and so glad that i did....you had me laughing out loud on this post...i am so right there with you...fly away weird birdies...

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