The Things That I Love That You Should Love Too

 If you know me, you know I insist that my family, friends, neighbors, strangers and the like, enjoying the same things I enjoy. While some may call this egocentric or narcissistic, I simply call it sharing wonderful things amongst wonderful people. Today I want to make a small sample list of (mostly) intangible things that I like, that i will all but insist you like too.

- The way blankets feel when they've just come out of the dryer
- Dry, sarcastic humour
- Black and white photographs
- Being far enough from city lights that you can see the stars
- Hearing the right words at the right moment
- Making someone smile
- Having a baby fall asleep on my chest
- Lightning storms
- Clean socks
- Waking up to a blizzard
- Sitting next to someone whose shoulder you can lean your head on
- Sitting in a movie theatre. There is a bit of nostalgia there
- Receiving a letter in the mail
- This picture

- Genuine compliments
- Music that brings emotions to the surface
- Red telephone booths
-Soft feet
- Modern day musicals
- Licking batter off a whisk
- The ability to think of the things that make you happy, when you need to feel happy

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Wonderful list. As I read each thing, I thought to myself, "Yup. Love that one too. Oh, and that one, and that one..." :)