Sweetie, Does This House Make Me Look Fat?

Skinny House in the North End of Boston spans 10'.
Two brothers inherited land from their father. While one brother was away 
serving in the military, the other built a large home, leaving the soldier only a 
bit space that he was sure was too tiny to build on. When the soldier returned, he 
found his inheritance depleted. He built the narrow house to spite his brother by 
blocking the sunlight and ruining his view. Aah, brotherly love.
 Paris. That's all I know.

Fremont neighborhood, Seattle.
 Great design.

C house in Higashi Kurume City (Tokyo)
Built in 2000, this house is less than 7' wide. The walls of 
this home are metal, to keep them as thin as possible. 
75 ½ Bedford Street  in The West Village (NYC)
This 1873 home  is located between 75 and 77 Bedford Street. 
(Hence the 75 1/2 street number.) Coming in at 9' wide, this brick 
building is now just another small house in New York...albeit the 
skinniest one.

1 Meter Marvel in Madre de Deus (Brazil) is a suffocating 3' wide.
If I were pregnant, I would not physically fit in this home.
Singel 166 in Amsterdam 
Definitely the Kate Moss of Homes 

The skinniest house in Denmark spans 7' wide.
I just have one question... Can my bed go on the top floor?

City Lights in Antwerp
This voyeuristic 7' wide structure's design is a nod to this 
neighborhood’s former trade. Prostitution.

 Sliver House in London measures a thin 10'x 26'
Can I just say how cool this juxtaposition is?

 Spite House in Alexandria comes in at 7' wide.
 In 1830, the owner of the neighboring home wanted to stop horse 
drawn wagons from coming into his alley, to block off the area once 
and for all, he decided to fill that space with another house.
Dear Sir, may I suggest a fence next time? 

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