Just a Small Notice:

I don't have to tell you this blog is filled with uncalculated and arbitrary posts. I am sure you have figured out there is no method to my madness. I just write on topics that I love and topics that I don't love. I  show photos of beautiful persons, places and things. I have always kept files on this sort of stuff. Since I was a small girl, I would have files on future homes, my future Vera Wang wedding dress, meals I would someday cook, places I wanted to visit, places I had visited (so I wouldn't forget), poems I love, quotes I wanted to remember, instruments I wanted to learn, cars I wanted to someday drive, jokes I would practice telling... waiting for my big chance to be funny. I even had a list of languages I wanted to learn. Pretty much all my thoughts went down into a very smartly planned filing system. (My dad totally hooked me up.) 

My point? Now I have this blog for all of that. And I love it. I can type my cute little thoughts right out on my computer. Copy and paste photos... ( I know, I need to reference them... they just stay in my saved box for so long, I forget where they came from.) I can put my dreams here, my thoughts here and my fears... And I can be myself doing all of it. Anonymously to some. A dear friend to others. One group can judge me and I'll be okay with that because they don't know me and I don't know them. The other group can judge me, but won't because we're friends. And by the off chance (very off chance) I say something lame, they will forgive me... Because that's what friends do. 

I digress, to stick with the reason for today's post... I wanted to warn you that I am going to add to my randomness by posting music videos from some amazing bands. Music is such a big part of my life, I should share my love with everyone else. I like to make mixed tapes for friends and family, so we shall consider this new addition part of one big mixed tape. Okay?

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