My original intention was  to do a post on Helena Christensen's beautiful Manhattan apartment... Which is so so beautiful. It was featured in Vogue a while ago and I never got around to posting it. While looking up her apartment, I came across something extremely disturbing, that  makes me think... Really?

Here is her main living space. Lovely, isn't it? Those doors... That sofa... Those Floors...

You can see more of her beautiful New York apartment here

Now we can move on to my new focus for today.

This headline:

It's a Wicked Shame: 

Helena Christensen is unrecognizable without her make-up

The model looked tired and plain in a loose black dress and a pair of thick glasses. And her skin looked oddly red as she took a walk in Manhattan, hiding her hair underneath a hat.

(and then it has this picture below it)

Horrifying, isn't it? She's got a lot of nerve going out like this.

Although Ms. Christensen has always been my very favorite supermodel, I am completely unbiased when I say YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! First things first, It has always bothered me when Hollywood tries to make a beautiful woman ugly by putting glasses on her and pulling her hair back. Sorry to disappoint the worldliness world of Hollywood... You can't make pretty, ugly. (Barring extremities like Charlize Theron in Monster.) A beautiful woman is beautiful because of her face. Not the make up she wears or the way her hair is done. The clothing has nothing to do with it. Nor does the fact that she is or isn't wearing glasses. These are all just enhancements... but none are deciding factors in a woman's physical beauty.

This headline makes me furious for so many reasons. Did the genius reporter who wrote this piece expect her to look like the twenty four year old Victoria Secret model forever? And even if she did... Which she totally does, would he expect her to look like she just came from the cover of Vogue every single day? "Tired and Plain"?  What if she is tired? Is she not allowed to leave her house being tired? "Her skin looked oddly red"? Really??? I think her skin looks flawless. And if it was red, is she not allowed to have a sunburn? My next thought is... Because we have seen her all dolled up with three hours worth of make up and hair, is everything else down hill from there? So because one time I decided to spend time on my make up and hair, I am completely unacceptable to everyone if I go without it from here on out? Seriously, I'm baffled. She seems to be just fine with how she looks right here... and I think ninety seven percent of the women in the world would be in heaven if they could look half this good.

This article doesn't specify whether or not this reporter is a man or a woman. If a man, I feel very bad for his significant other. If a woman wrote this piece, number one, Shame on you. Number two, we as the public better not ever see you outside your home if you are tired or not made up or if you have been in the sun.

And my last question is the obvious one... If she is so unrecognizable, how did you know it was her?

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