Mary,Mary, Quite Contrary
How does your garden grow?

I am really loving the whole gardening modus operandi. I am so into everything about it, from selecting the plants to digging and playing in the man-dirt to just being out there watering it. And of course, The most rewarding part...Watching something you planted and care for grow into what it was meant to be...It's a lot like parenting, only the plants are less tempermental. 

Growing up, my dad always kept an immaculate yard. Although his love was more of a fruit tree and grass fancy, he was always outside doing something to perfect it. One of my very favorite childhood memories is playing in bare feet at dusk, while my dad took care of the garden. (Not to leave my mom out of this, she was probably in the kitchen making us the best meal ever) To this day, I love hearing the sounds of lawn mowers and edgers. I love the feel of sharply cut grass on my feet and I love laying on it, letting the grass poke at my knees. When I got a little older, all I wanted to do was use the lawn mower. My dad's answer was always the same..."Honey, why don't you go inside and see if your mother needs help." I would get so upset, I thought he didn't trust me with such an important job,  but I realize now, he just wanted to do it himself because he also found a therapuetic and joyful spirit being in the garden.   

Granted, I am no green thumb. Our garden is looking less than desirable right now...I have no idea what I am doing, I just see something pretty and I put it in the ground. Although I find myself removing and transplanting plants around the yard all day, (and I am quite confident it's driving my sweet husband nuts) I have to say I think it works out well for me. After all, I am just learning. My uber talented gardening sister, Mandy, has been trying to teach me there is more to gardening than just finding every plant species out there and buying it. She said "Lyndsey, You can love all kinds of plants, that doesn't mean they all go together...Eventually, you will have to say no to something." I get it, I have to pick and choose if I want things looking cohesive. I need to find things that will compliment each other through color, texture and size. She tries to liken it to interior design. Would I throw a hot pink crewel pillow in with a sleek red sofa and shantung green drapes? My answer? Of course I would... I think that sounds just lovely.
I will eventually post pictures of the yard as it starts coming together, which mark my words...Will happen sooner or later. In the meantime I am loving just being out there, spending time with my little lovelies, encouraging their growth and tending to each one of their needs. I love them. I really do. Unfortunately, I don't love our grass as much...And you can tell. It's despondent and has been fighting for it's life. I'm blaming that one on the people we paid to lay it last year. They did a shite job. As we speak I am getting up the courage to ask Tom if we can get rid of it and just let me fill it in with some beautiful plants.

Here are some beautiful gardens that do not resemble mine in the least.

But one day...

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